Is there something special about the Koxx Green Spirit?

I was thinking of picking up a Koxx Green Spirit because of the deals going on right now. However, I noticed they are the most expensive of the Koxx uni’s. I have a BD and only see that the color might be the only difference. Is there something I am missing that warrants the up-charge? Or should I just pick up another BD or ABF and save some $$? However, I wanted a white uni to add to the collection.

The Green Spirit and Black Domina are the same. The only difference is the colour. The Alien Backflip is also the same except that it doesn’t come with as nice pedals.

Damn, I didn’t know white powder coating added that much of an up charge :astonished: LOL

Black Domina is a flatland frame, close to zero tire clearance. Green spirit is flat/street little bit more tire clearance, but enough so you don’t have to worry about the tire rubbing until it gets reeeeally bad. Alien B frames are “street” and have the most clearance.

Thats the only difference between the three frames. They are not exactly the same.

Green spirit is my choice out of the 3 hands down, followed by the Alien B.

Don’t get the Black Domina because mine (and lots of other people) has tire clearance issues with the frames. Strength and lightness wise all three frames are basically the same.

I’m wondering where your buying this from. Because the frames themselves cost the same. (They are basically the same besides personal preferences after all)

100% agree and am debating getting the Green Spirit if I can find one at a good price…Don’t really need another one, but want another one…LOL Maybe an early Xmas present for myself… :roll_eyes:

I already have one and actually like it except for all the frame tweaking to get it dialed in (shim and sanding of the center nubs with a sander)…It’s a good priced quality uni, now if they weren’t going for the discounted prices, I might have a different view, but at $250 when I got it I can’t complain…And from an aesthetic perspective the all black is pretty sexy…

All the US sites have them priced Green Spirit the most, ABF next and then BD the least expensive…The prices range $270 GS, $260’ish ABF (if you can find one) and $250’ish for the BD…

Are they fully built unicycles or just the frames? The price difference must be in the other specs on the unicycles.

Yep, they are fully built with the Koxx Street Cranks…However, the ABF comes with the plastic pedals vs. the Butterfly Muni pedals on the GS and BD…If I’m correct all other specs are the same…

I don’t know if it’s still happening but I got my Black Domina for $185 + ship/tax = $190. SCORE!!! (on

Ok yeah that makes sense.

The Black D are marked down I’m guessing because of the tire clearance issue, but the more expensive pedals on it add to the cost. The Alien B is its normal price. The Green S is priced up a little because it has more expensive pedals then the Alien B.