Is there going to be a wave of new lockdown unicyclists?

I think there might be. Some small percentage of people looking for a lockdown skill will pick unicycling, and that’s a lot of people. Two anecdotes:

  • I've heard from a neighbour that another person in the village is learning to unicycle, though I haven't seen him recently to confirm. My village has 800 population, of whom maybe 300 could conceivably learn to uni.
  • I had to phone UK. They are incredibly busy. Roger mentioned (I hope I got this right!) that normally they would be selling about 4/day, now it's about 100/day. There are lots of lines out of stock on the website.
So there may be an uptick of learner unis hitting gumtree/ebay/craigslist etc in a month or two, and a wave of people finding this forum.

Wow. Are you serious with the uplift in site? That’s incredible.
On the unicycle chat Facebook group, they are a lot of new riders coming through, and they all seem to be doing well.

The french forum also saw its lot of new learners, or new-old ones - people who tried years back, never managed then put the uni in storage and forgot about it. Until they found it again after they spent the first week of lockdown doing some giant spring-cleaning.

I predict a large number of purchases of the cheaper unicycles, a few barked shins, a lot of laughter in the short term, a small percentage of people taking it up as a hobby, and a large number of unicycles ending up in the cupboard under the stairs with the guitar and the karate suit.

My wife had made a dozen of sporadic attempts to learn unicycling over last two years, and thanks to the lockdown she has ridden for 30 meters today :slight_smile:

And don’t forget the short-wave radio too. :wink: :slight_smile:

Well I tried to get the dirt out of my old juggle balls … wait and see (I still can’t manage to juggle :angry: ) - as for the unicycles, the trumpet and the karate suit they are still in use :slight_smile:

I believe the Danish version of, closed down last year, so those peeps would now also turn to Roger or Roland to get their unis.

On the FB group a lot of new people are joining. Let’s see how long they last :wink:
I any case the number finding their way here will be quite small.

Forums are so old-school :slight_smile:
But still the best resource!!!
Try to find something (back) on Facebook…

My unicycles are in the basement, so are my WW and Surf-kayaks, telescopes and karate suits.
The unicycles and 25 cm telescope are close to the door :slight_smile:

New Unicyclists? During lockdown? Where?

Somebody should track this data?
I’m curious to know the percentage of winners to quitters.

Yes, I’m gloating and you should, too.
Never forget. Riding a unicycle is a special power!!
A thousand will try and only a few will succeed.
Keep on.

Actually, when I ride and talk to non-unicyclists I always try to promote the sport.
Tell them it’s not that hard. Anyone can do it in 15 hrs and it’s not dangerous.

We were Social Distancing , long before it was cool! Welcome future antisocial… er ah, new social distancers…

Awesome post sd.

I also tell people it’s easy.
It’s just like walking. A controlled fall, balance, and repeat.

Folk might be finding their way here but I don’t think they’ll be joining since I think that is broken (given some of the problems reported in the upgrade bugs thread) – kbjliquors is supposedly still the newest member and that was on 24 February!

I looked at the UDC UK site last night and it was really quite surprising the number of things that are out of stock (as Richard C said), and there are a lot of high-end things sold-out, KH, Nimbus and Quax

UDC UK have certainly seen a lot of “lockdown” sales. We always encourage them to look to and unicycle chat on facebook. It is a great way to build community and helps people to learn to ride knowing that there are others out there doing the same.

The same applies to UDC US. Probably a combination of lockdown sales and logistics.


Here is a little write up including a photo of our warehouse. The US have their container, unfortunately the UK container is not going to land until the 17 July. A little spoiler… there is some new items on these containers. So we will be releasing information about them in the next few weeks… carbon.


NO MORE CARBON PLEASE my bank account can only handle so much

Wait wait what??? You’re going to indeed have to tell us more so we can start saving/planning!