is there going to be a KH20 09?

does anyone no if there is going to be a KH20 09 anytime soon should i wait to get my KH20 08 to see if there is going to be a KH20 09

if there is going to be a 09 what would you say would be different?

thanks in advance

Kris releases new products when they are ready. The 08 models came out fairly recently so I doubt there would be any big model changes in the immediate future.

The KH08 is pretty much… The perfect unicycle.

BUY NOW! :wink:

+1 haha

If the KH09 does get released. Chances are…

  • It would have minor differences, compared to the 08 model.
  • Price hike.
  • It would most likely be cosmetic differences possibly.
  • It would still be an awesome unicycle to ride regardless. :stuck_out_tongue:

KHU new model releases

Yeah I’m fairly certain Kris does updates and new versions as they are developed not one for every calendar year. Because it’s called the 08 KH people assume there will be a new one for every year (like with cars), but its just called that for what year it was released.

KHU also seems pretty busy developing new products instead of frames at the moment (e.g. 110mm cranks, new commuting handle). I’m waiting for that stuff to come out.

So yeah don’t wait, the 08 is great as is, enjoy it now.


I concur.