Is there anymore KH leg armour coming out?

I fell down a rocky hill yesterday with my roaches, and boy, my cut up knee hurts :frowning:

added bonus: I broke wristguard #2 (it was able to get in the way of the rocks I was looking directly at)

it tore open and the splint fell out, the splint didn’t snap…still woulda hurt!

How tall are you? It looks like the XL size (6’-6’3") is still in stock at I wear the XL and it fits me fine. I’m like 5’11" and a little bit.

hey that’s cool john, I’m 5’11.5, what is your inseam? mine is 32-34

Same here. The armour will come right to the top of skate style shoes like Vans. If you wear 3/4 cut shoes like the 661 Dually’s then the armour will overlap the shoe. The bottom 2.5"-3" of the armour is floppy fabric and thin foam (no stiff splints or bulky foam) so the bottom bit can bunch up or fit over high cut shoes or boots.

I prefer to have the armour come to the top of my shoes. That helps keep the armour from slipping down when I crash and land hard on my knees.

Done and Done.

Thank you John

A helpful guy, isn’t he?

He sure is.

These better fit me, or he owes me the $ for them.

Of course, I’d throw them out, he wouldn’t get them


Hey John, you are off the hook, these fit great

They are the exact size I would need.

Although, because I don’t have skeleton calves, the back doesn’t completely close, they sure are made for tiny legs!

As soon as I put them on, though, I knew they were ideal

Whew! :slight_smile:

The calf flap is a bit skimpy, but that’s the way it is designed. It’s not designed to wrap completely around your calf like the Roach or 661 armour. It’s designed to have a gap for more ventilation. The pedals never (well, hardly ever) get you where the flap doesn’t cover, so it still offers plenty of calf protection. It will, however, give you a funny tan line on your leg. But since Kris is in Vancouver BC, he doesn’t have to worry about that.

The KH armour also has some nice design considerations in the knee area. The padding on the knee covers more of the inside of the knee where the armour often rubs the frame or where your knees hit the crown when doing seat out jumps with a 24" muni. The single splint in the knee is also more flexible than the splints used in the Roach and 661 pads. With the Roach and 661 pads the knee splints are a major wear area. The armour will rub on the frame and the splint will wear a hole through the armour. The KH armour should hold up longer than the Roach and 661 armour because the knee won’t wear out so fast.

All in all, the KH armour is a good design. Not perfect for me, but certainly more than good enough. The unicycle use design considerations make it better than the Roach and 661 armour.