Is there a gel seat cover made for unicycles?

The insides of my thighs are bruised and chafed from practicing every
day at lunchtime.

I don’t want to spend a lot on a seat cover, but if an inexpensive
gel seat cover exists, I’d be interested (as long as it’s thin)

Are you sure that’s the solution? I have the same problem and am beginning to suspect it’s due to too much surface area friction, not a lack of padding. A few members are raving about a new minimal-style seat from Addict I’m thinking about trying:

I had an old terrycloth baby blanket over my seat - it was a rag that
I grabbed in a hurry. It seemed to help, but was falling apart and made
it hard to be sure the seat was aligned straight when I adjusted it after
tweaking it crooked on a fall.

So I put a flannel seat cover on (the sleeve and 1/2 of the body from
an old shirt) and it seems to be worse again.

That terrycloth was weird - one side semi smooth and the other like
normal terry cloth loops. I think it more with my legs a bit and cut
down on chafing, and also added some padding to reduce the
bruising from pressure.

That seat cover looks nice, but if I spend $50 right now my accountant
will kill me. Maybe if I get a bit more chafed and bruised (blood would help)
she’ll know I’m serious about the pain and my level of determination.

One thing that I noticed from your earlier video is that you tend to be clamping your legs together around the seat. Try to relax and place your weight on the seat not around it and see if you can point your knees slightly outwards as opposed to inwards which is adding to the legs clamping the seat.

A smooth textured seat will also help. any rough or non smooth material or anything that is not integeral with the seat (loose) will add to chaffing.

Loose style underware (boxers) can also be a problem.

How do you steer then?

Got the boxers.

I think I’m going to put the old terry cloth rag back on tonight…
or cut up an old wetsuit.

Now that’s an interesting idea, the terrycloth moves, absorbing a lot of the friction. I need to try that!

It is a bit of leaning as well as more pressure twords that foot on your uni. It is something that comes with time.
Definitly try to sit on the seat as much as possible. It will take away a lot of the work your legs have to do as well as make the riding become more smooth.
And for the chafing problem, you have the torker LX right?
If you do I had the same problem, the LX seat just is not quite right. You honestly are kind of stuck with it until you can afford a new seat and seat post. The LX seat has its own specific post style, when you upgrade you will need a new one. As far as that goes, I definitly would get a new seat asap beacause a better seat makes a world of difference. I would go with a Kris Holm seat or like someone early said one of the Impact Naomi seats which runs about 65-75 bucks. Plus you need a seatpost so add another 10-20 on there… Just food for thought since you said you have accountant issues :stuck_out_tongue:

Also… Over time the chafing and bruising will become less as your legs become used to the pressures put on them…

I noticed that the seat is sort of angular at the seams… it has
a squarish cross section and corners are not rounded. I may
try some duct tape over the terrycloth eventually.

The terrycloth is an infant’s bath towel. I also may try some
synthetic satin I have leftover from my red riding scarf.

At $65 it’s worth it for me to remove the LX seat cover, reshape
or replace the foam, and cover it with real leather.

But if I can get my legs to heal up they will probably get used to
it too (as you suggested).

My son was learning on my LX, and having trouble with the seat chafing. I took off the cover and rounded the foam, and it really helped him. However, be careful removing the cover; I bent a couple of the retaining clamps a little too much and they broke.

I’m surprised that this hasn’t been mentioned - chafing & bruising is normal while learning.
Are you wearing cycling shorts? boxers and trousers/shorts? wear layers of clothing that slip easily against each other instead of your skin. Lycra cycling shorts are the perfect base layer.
Try quietly borrowing some of the accountant’s moisturising cream (or using vaseline, baby cream or cycling cream) before riding will help massively.
As for the bruising, it’ll go pretty quickly as your riding skills increase - I’ve assumed you’re new to unicycling!!!?

Yeah, I’m just staring out.

I’ll have to add a chamfer to the corners of the seat in the front half.
I’ll see if I can peel back just the front of the seat cover.
An electric carving knife cuts that foam like butter.

I have a limited amount of time to ride at work (lunchtime) so I prefer
not to change clothes. I think it’s more bruising than chafing.
I added back the terrycloth cover and then put some red satin
over the front of the seat - it’s slippery, and if nothing else it looks sexy. :smiley:

I’ll let you know how that goes.

It’s definitely the shape that’s the issue.

I made a point of sitting on it and slowly going through a full
revolution of motion (hallway/walls are good for that).
I could feel the top edge where the saddle gets wider in
the front digging in and pressing into my thighs.

I’ll re-shape it when I can - right now I’m frantically preparing
AWANA Grand Prix (Pinewood) cars for Saturday.

I reshaped my Torker LX seat… huge improvement.

Here’s Pictures: