Is there a Coker ride scheduled for NAUCC 2003?

Is there a Coker ride scheduled for NAUCC 2003? I look at the schedule and see the 10k race and several MUni fun rides but is there a Coker fun ride scheduled or planned? I’m trying to decide whether or not to bring one.

Im not sure, but I would contact andy about that if I were you.

I imagine Andy might be a little hard to get ahold of right now (I wish I could be Cokering through Norway right now).

Although I’m still undecided about even going to NAUCC, and I’m not sure how easy it would be to get my Coker there with me, I would also be interested to know if there are any organized Coker rides.

Well, yes he would be hard to find, but if there are going organized coker rides, he’s the one that’s going to be organizing them. so your best bet, unless im wrong, is to ask him about it when he gets back, or leave a note on thier guestbook.

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Speaking of NAUCC, Max, do you know which trails are going to be used for the muni events? I’m trying to decide if I should race them on the 29er. If they’re just smooth singletrack, it would be 29er all the way.

Thanks… Mojoe

The current plan is to use Hillside park in elk river, just a 45 minute, drive from the gym events at augsberg. A 29" is likely to work for most of the trail. However you’ll certainly want to bring your 24" as well.

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Thanks for the fast response Max. I checked some trail reviews on and it sounds like a fun trail.


I suppose my real question is if there is an off-road Coker ride planned. Last year we rode the Iron Horse Trail for which the Coker is ideally suited. If there is an urban ride planned I can bring Blue Shift and leave the Big Boy at home. If there is an off-road Coker ride planned I’ll want to bring the Big Boy.

Bring shifty, theres no offroad cokey rides planned. unless im wront again.

Yes, leave the Coker and bring Shifty. You could always borrow a Coker from someone if needed. You really need to bring Shifty. It was a real crowd pleaser at MONDO Fest.

Looking forward to meeting you at the NAUCC…Mojoe

Shifty (am I allowing the community to rename my unicycle?) comes regardless because it will be my 10k entry. I’m trying to decide whether or not to bring a Coker, also. Nothing is more impressive than a herd of Cokers rolling down the road.

I think I heard wrong, Greg… didn’t you mean “a pack of Cokers on the prowl”?

So the 10K ride is all on pavement? Because then I think I’ll use the Torker that I’m racing with (but switch the Viscount saddle for the air saddle on my muni).

Will there be people going kind of slow? Because I don’t do much distance riding, and I’ll be on a 24". Maybe I can ride with some little kids on 12" wheels. :smiley:


The ten K as far as we so far know is going to be along the mississippi river, all on decent bike paths with no street crossing. I wouldnt worry about how slow or fast you may or may not be going, it doesnt really matter. It’s incredibly likely you wont be the slowest person there anyways. Infact, I almost garentee it.