Is there a catch?

$90 for a Torker AX, listed for $205 at UDC?

Is Niagara Cycle legit?

My first thought is that it is a typo. $190 would seem like a nice sale price. Seems like a well developed web site so I doubt it is an intentional scam. If I was in the market for one of those unis I would jump on it before they realize the error(if it is one?!), then press the point that they advertised the price. If it were an intentional sale they would not be offering every size with the same price.

I say jump on it quick if you are interested. That price isn’t gonna last long (less than 24 hours).

Just throwing out my first impressions.


I’ve been looking into all this a bit more closely. I should have waited a bit to respond I guess. It lists the $90 price for the 24" but says the other sizes are “available”. What do you suppose is with the question marks after all the sizes? It all certainly seems odd to me.

One way or the other that price won’t last. :roll_eyes:

Shutting up here.


The site seems legit. has real info on it and shows the domains been in use for 7 or so years.

A quick google shows no complaints.

Looking at there other prices, I can only guess that they have a lot of these in stock and want to clear the space.

The cheap AX price has been around for a while–several times it’s been mentioned by feel_the_light (our resident discount-shopping expert :smiley: ) when people have been looking for good starter unis.

Niagara also has an Amazon storefront (or used to) that I used to buy some bike stuff from a few years ago–had amazon gift certificates–and things arrived fine. You could check out their seller ratings on Amazon if you’re leery of buying from them.

I actually got the link from feel the light awhile ago. When I checked then it was $125 for one. $90 seems too cheap.

Order it and see what happens. It’s a great deal.


Last week they showed a 20 inch for that price and now it is not there anymore (at any price). It must have sold out.

I imagine it is closeouts.

I have ordered stuff from them within the last year. UPS from NY was kind of slow, and the stuff wasn’t packed real well. (I suppose a unicycle would just get shipped in the regular box, though). But yes, they are legitimate. One thing to notice is they have lots of low-end parts and accessories that can be kind of hard to find elsewhere- especially handy if you deal in cruiser-type bikes and stuff. I bought tires and handlebars and tubes from them. The typical internet bike website is oriented towards $2,500 carbon fiber bikes, which is not what I ride.