Is the Yuni really as strong as they say?

On the yuni unicycles description says strong stronger strongest. and I want to know if this is true or not.
Ive dystroyed two norcos and I want something strong I also dont have enough money to go KH so this seems to be the top choice

Link :

Specs:Chromed steel frame with main-cap bearing housings

Odyssey GI seat post clamp

Kris Holm contoured saddle with front lift handle

Profile 36-hole hub with heat-treated 48-spline axle with lifetime warranty

Profile 145-mm hollow, splined arms with lifetime warranty

Marwi 14g black spokes & s

Alex DX-32 black anodized rim

Monty 20 x 2.5 knobby trials tire

Odyssey Twisted PC platform pedals with pins

Wheel hand-built in the USA by Kovachi Wheels (

Ive been uniing for 8 months and my biggest drops are about 6 feet and I ride mainly steet Thats all I can think of right now that would be usefull.

i dont think anybody broke a 20" yuni / nimbus ii frame.

and i’d get an onza tyre, its a higher quality moulding, and dosent wear out so quickly.