Is the unicycle dangerous to reproductive system?

I’ve read that riding a bike can be harmful to a males reproductive system, and thought perhaps the unicycle could be even more harmful.


if you dont rack yourself, which a lot of people dont once theyve learnt how to ride, i dont think its that bad really.

i mean im sure it cant be good for the boys, but its not that bad.

i havent reacked myself in months, but when you do, you do.

I’m no doctor by any means, but I think that the fact that bicycle seats are dangerous is due to their skinny shape and putting pressure in areas that a unicycle saddle simply will not.

A unicycle saddle has a much bigger surface area on top, so there is close to no pressure in the vital areas that would harm reproductive organs.

Because unicycle saddles are bigger in front however, they can make for some pretty bad falls, but this is completely seperate from the long term effects that might be caused from riding on one of those tiny bicycle seats.

That seems like a logical argument.

In spite of what modern medicine claims about bicycling/unicycling, if anybody is considering unicycling as a viable form of birth control…It doesn’t work!

I’ve been riding the unicycle for over 35 years now and I have four sons.

i have no idea:(

Short answer (to more harmful): No.

“About the same” is probably what it boils down to. If you put in the same kinds of saddle hours as the cyclists who have damaged their perennial nerves & things, or whatever the damage is, you run a similar risk. But that’s a huge amount of hours.

From there, the difference boils down to a difference in saddles. Ours are generally a lot softer, which could be a good thing, but pressure is pressure. If your unicycle saddle is round on top, it will maximize the pressure on that centerline where you don’t want it. Newer seats are starting to be made with a depression running down the center, to relieve this and make for more comfort on longer rides.

I am not a doctor either.

I’m no doctor, but this is proof that unicycling does not cause sterility:

an ultrasound of my son - due in July :smiley:


I had one year of intense bicycling where my prostate got mad at me left me with a temporary “post drip” problem. No reproductive problems.

Never a problem from uni’ng in over 30 years, out side of the occasional rack during trials or pinch flat while mounting.

Uni’ing can be bad for your sex life though if you do too many unicycle events or spend too much on equipment, at the expense of time or attention that should be spent with the spouse.

Let’s hope so.

If you are getting numbness down there, probably.

Like the new KH Freeride and the Scott Wallis seat

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Yep, I was born on July 14th. =p

Ive had one problem where I just started to go numb. I adjusted about a cm over and it was fine.

Other than that, I havent had any other problems for the 4 years of unicycling.

One caveat: Don’t unicycle too close to the microwave.

Or on top of on top of an FN tandem van-de-Graaff accelerator. Greg hasn’t produced one child since doing that.


no i dont think so you could if you reck bad but i mean you can get injured just walking around somebody throws a rock and bam no more kids in your family and playing soccer will most definatly hurt you in that way but if your that worryd about it where a cup when you ride problem solved

As of yesterday, about 2pm moutain time, silentspoon doesn’t need an ultrasound to see his son anymore!


Uh…if you mean what I think you do, then I get that too…I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with my prostate, cause if I’m having problems at this age, I don’t even wanna think about 30 years from now. :astonished:

My birthday is next week, so i guess July is a good month to be born. :smiley: :wink: :smiley: