Is the Starfighter on right?

Can’t really say that name with a straight face, but I get it :smiley:

My question is do I have this thing on right? I think it might also work well upside down (from this orientation).

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Looks about right. Maybe even up the screws a bit so one isn’t in all the way and one out far but half and half. The other way would place the screw heads at your finger tips and wouldn’t be comfortable I don’t think(just speculation, cause I’ve never used one).

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Oh jeeze didn’t notice how uneven the screws are. Lol. I’ll fix that.

Thanks for the notes. Yeah, I might try it upside down just for giggles, but I think this is the right way. Wanted to make sure. Thank you :slight_smile:

The “right” way is the one that feels best :wink:
My experience is most people attach it with screws facing up for non-screw finger contact.


Install it the way @haskinsc typed, and it will feel so much better and smoother. And then play with round side out front or flat side out front, to see what your fingers like.

Bottom line is my fingers always catch the starfighter when I need to brake. For that reason, I never “over-clutch” the brake. My fingers just find it and I can smoothly provide the smallest pressure necessary. I don’t need to worry about my fingers landing in the “perfect place”.

I think the Starfighter is my most surprising and extravagant “extra” that turned out to be worth more than the purchase price.

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To those who have used both the Starfighter and the Spooner, how horrible is the Starfighter in comparison?

Sort of a rude way to put it, but okay. Also a bit off topic, but no problem from me.

I also have a Starfighter on my Schlumpf and I also mounted so as you. I think it’s right, I had never problems with this.


Awesome! Thank you!