Is the Nimbus 24" Muni a good uprgade for going off road?

At the moment, I have a cheap unicycle from ebay and am looking to uprgade as I want to do some offroading. I am quite good a unicycling but am not really good enough yet to be spending £400 on a unicycle.

So I am thinking of getting a Nimbus 24" Muni and am wondering of this is a good choice for a first upgrade.

Thanks everyone!

Yes, they’re very good. A little bit heavier than a Kris Holm muni, but not that much, and you hardly notice it when you’re riding anyway. Some people will say you need to upgrade the cranks to KH Moments, but the cranks that come with the Nimbus are plenty strong enough unless you’re very heavy or are doing really big drops - then think about getting Moments.


Oh, BTW: Don’t cross-post everything to more than one part of the forum - you’ll make things messy and annoy people. Here is fine for unicycle questions.


Sorry, but I wasn’t getting any replies so I posted them in a different forum. I thought I might have posted them under the wrong topic.