Is the Nimbus 24" Muni a good choice for an upgrade?

At the moment, I have a cheap unicycle from ebay and am looking to uprgade as I want to do some offroading. I am quite good a unicycling but am not really good enough yet to be spending £400 on a unicycle.

So I am thinking of getting a Nimbus 24" Muni and am wondering of this is a good choice for a first upgrade.

Thanks everyone!

which uni and when

Its 6mths later what did you choose? I too have been learning with 2 very cheap unicycles (20 & 24 - $50au each) and am wondering whether a quality uni will help me improve faster. I’ve been riding for 4 weeks and I am at the stage where I can ride uneaven trails & small smooth areas. I cant idle or ride backwards yet. My 20 is a bit better quality than my 24 and I enjoy it more, this makes me think that getting a quality uni might be a good idea. But which 24" Muni to choose Torker, Qu-ax or Nimbus and should I put a few more months in on the cheapys?

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If your Uni is not broken or bent its not holding you back. Will you enjoy a nicer Uni, yes, need it no.

With the one exception of that if your seat keeps you from riding longer a better seat will help that and that is excuse enough to get a new uni.

I’d say a put a few more months on the cheapys and see which type of riding you are drawn towards. Beat those cheapys up for a few more months. You are going to drop those Unis a lot learning to idle and ride backwards. Use that 20" to learn both of those skills.

nimbus is a great upgrade.

if you wanna start doing drops and stuff, upgrade. cause the cheapies wont last with drops

i bought a nimbus 24 muni ,with the old style kh frame
the cranks didint fit the hub properly from the start kept coming loose because isis hub, cranks were badly made
replaced wheel set with kh wheelset ,best decision i ever made
ive wasted so much money buying crap unicycles wish i had just bought a kh from the start