Is the LX 20 good for beggining uni-ing and entering freestyle and tricks?

i might want this to be my first uni, i may wanna get into freestyle or trails once im better preferably freestyle, would this be a good uni for starting riding and entering freestyle?

Well i had a Torker LX and i think it was worthy of a beginners unicycle or entry level into freestyle. :smiley: Their frames are strong, but if i were you. I’d change the seat a.s.a.p as it does become very uncomfortable after a while. :smiley:

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Yeah but he/she are new here. So i say give it a week or 2 so they can start to learn the basics of this forum. :smiley: :smiley:

Alright, first, the uni will be fine.

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yeah, hes a twit.

ok, thanks guys. Sorry I’m new, I really haven’t had time latley to watch for things, but thanks again.

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To Canada:

As I said in my post to you on your other thread, the LX is the one I started with, and promptly within a month or two had bent and misshapen the tapers, and needed a new unicycle. What I’m saying is, it’s a good unicycle if you don’t want to do ANYTHING hard. But if you ever want to do anything hard. I’d either get a REAL cheap used uni to learn on and make sure you want to keep riding or a good (may I suggest qu-ax as it’s worked very well for me and it’s cheaper than a kh) one that’ll last for years. Cuz for me, though the LX is a pretty decent uni, it was essentially a waste of $100.

Hey, before I leave tonight, should I order the Torker 20 inch or 24 inch, im 13 years old and 5’5"…and do all the pads and biker helmet ill need cost over $50?

oh, jsut read your post, you posted while i was typing, OK thanks, i’ll look it up, bu i gtg for the night