is the kh20 woth it

i want to kno if the kh 20 is worth the 430 dollers vs the alien backflip for 240

Yes it fully is…

The kh20 is a shortbeak and the alien backflip is a medium neak. There is a hole thread on this here

You can get the KH20 in longneak too.

Longneaks look much better than shortbeaks, too.

The KH is undoubtedly a great unicycle, but if the alien backflip is only $240 that’s a way better deal.

KH is good…
But alien backflip looks nicer, has better cranks( for flat and street), and is very light!! (only 5kg! and KH is something like 5,5kg… ^^) and I like the saddle more for spins (and trial) :slight_smile:
the only thing that isn’t that good is the pedals…

Buy the alien and some nice plastic pedals (oddysey, animal, fly…). If you ever broke the frame of the alien, buy a kh longneck. You’ll have a hell of a uni xD

Save a hundred bucks or so and put the 20" flat wheelset in a nimbus frame. That’s what I did. I put it in the 20" freestyle frame since that’s what I had and don’t need anything stronger for what I do.

If you had both a KH07 frame and an Alien Backflip frame and wanted to sell one, which would you sell? I’m not sure what I’m gonna do.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll sell the alien, and keep the KH. Alien is better looking, but I think Kh is better quality.