Is the Kh moment hub powder-coated?

I sure hope its not. Damn blue-ness.

It’s anodised.

even worse.

Not really, its easier to paint over.

oh cool. I was gonna strip the paint first but i wont anymore.

I don’t want to start a new thread, but are the flange dimensions on the new hub close enough to the kh/onza hub to use the same length spokes?

Anodising is a coating proces that only applies to aluminium, due to the way it forms an oxide layer due to its high reactivity. The hub is not aluminium, it’s 4130 CrMo, and therefore it isn’t anodised (but incidently the frame is). I would guess, but Im not sure, that it is powder coated, but it certainly isn’t anodisied.

Use the UDC spoke calculator to find the spoke length for the two setups you’re considering, and see how close the spoke lengths are. Within a couple of mm you can use the same spokes, otherwise you’ll have to get new ones.

The moment hub’s not on there.

damn! lists it as 75mm wide, 56mm diameter, and the 2005 one as 68mm, 56mm. If that’s true, it’ll only make a tiny difference to the spoke length and you should be able to reuse the spokes.



It is powder-coated.

You can actually anodise other materials, Titanium being the other popular one. Although anodising steels don’t work very well it can be done (the processing I don’t think is then called anodising). From what I understand it is not for the colour properties but for other reasons… surface hardening? sorry this is the extent of my knowledge and memory to remember more than that. I am sure someone will give us a full explanation. :slight_smile:


When I was upgrading (the exact same parts) I was told by Roger that I could reuse the spokes, but it would be stronger to just buy new ones. If you have black spokes I say you should change them to silver. Silver spokes kick black spokes arse’s.


[EDIT] Maybe Roger was just trying to get me to buy more stuff… :roll_eyes:

may be. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a couple of reasons for new spokes, they are stronger as they are not already stressed and they also make the wheel building easier.

Note we now have 13g KH spokes in stock! these are great.


My bad Luke when I looked at it, it looked kind of metalic and such a thin layer I didn’t think it could be powdercoated but I guess I’m wrong.

I guess you learn something new every day.

the kh moment hub is alloy…
the spindle is cro-mo…
why would they make a hub that is chromoly? you dont need the strength of chromoly in a hub and chromoly is heavier so it would be wasted weight, thats why the hub is alloy and seeing it is alloy then why powdercoat it when anadizing looks better and lasts longer?

put simply, hub is alloy and is most likeley anodized.

dont give me any $#!T about 'oh but udc says it is chromoly" because udc is talkin about the spindle as that is what is of most concern and most unicyclists refer to the hub as the hub plus spindle whereas bikers for instance dont refer to the two parts as one but as seperate parts which they are.

bye bye

Let me be the first to say, you’re wrong.

Bah, I’ll be second then

The moment is a one piece hub, older incarnations of the Kh hub did indeed have a crmo axle and an alloy hub pressed on to it. The moment doesnt even have a ‘hub’ per se, just two flanges protruding from the axle, and from a photo it appears that infact the entire thing is cut from one billet. The two are most deffintiely not ‘seperate parts’ in this case, so let me be the second person to say you’re wrong.

EDIT: damnit, third then

Also Roger has been riding longer than you’ve been alive, and has a history of product design and engineering, especially of unicycles. He knows what he’s talking about.

I just had a Large Marge muni rim strung to a KH Evolve hub and hoped to use the beefy black spokes but the local bike shop/wheel builder couldn’t find nipples (couldn’t even order them, and I’m in LA) for the spokes, which apparently use a strange size. Bummer because I sort of liked the black spokes.


can i just mention that you are wrong and udc is right.

Also dont say the axle is crmo and the hub is an alloy, cause crmo is an alloy!