Is the KH fusion free ride saddle compatible with 24" Nimbus Muni ?

Was wondering if this saddle I just ordered will be compatible with the Uni I just ordered.

Saddle, KH Free ride 2009

and the

Nimbus Muni 24 Inch

Any help would be appreciated. I may have to cancel my order.

Yessssssssss. So, last question. Do I need to buy that stiffiner plate? Or, anything else I should be buying? Im a newb unicyclist! Any info excites me…

Called and made that upgrade to the 125/150 mm cranks. That’s good though too so I can kinda tell which I like better. I won’t get my uni until NEXT thursday because of the holiday. SIGH.

I assume so…

I have a nimbus 24 muni and looking under the seat at the bit that the seat attaches to (sorry i don’t know the name) and it says kris holm on so they should be conpatible.

I got my nimbus 24" muni a few weeks ago and let me say it is so awesome. I have been unicycling for almost 4 months now and have been using one from ebay. It wos shite and i bent the rim going down stairs.

Anyway good luck wiv ur new uni