is the gallery not working for anyone else?

because i cant watch any of the videos
and i really want to watch about idling because i cant find any tutorials about it

Yeah I was actually trying to use it today for the first time in many many months. From what I hear its not really working for anyone…Maybe we just outgrown the site space lol

I’ve given up on it, and am in process of migrating my uni photos over to smugmug. It’s a time-consuming process, but at least when I send the link to friends or family, I can have confidence it will work when they click it.

is smugmug just a website anybody can use, create an acount, and load photos and videos onto?

i just wanted to watcht he idling tutorial it says liek the server crashed or was overloaded

I dont know if you already resolved the issue but it works for me

Yeah its working again fo me