Is the gallery down?

I,ve been trying to contact the gallery to post some new pics and it won’t load, it just sits there loading like the energizer bunny.

It was down earlier, but got rebooted about 10 minutes before your post.

Excellent, thanks Gilby!

Wow, it just goes to show how much we all rely on Gilbys service!

All my albums are on gallery. If they went down- none of the album links on my website would work.

Keep up the good work Gilby, and thanks for getting it up again so quick.


its down again, so tempermental

Yeah. I wrote a script that would check to see if it could connect to it and if not it’d restart the web daemon, but that didn’t work as a rrequest will still connect, but never do anything. The problem is that the web server daemon is sucking up memory and using the swap and it shouldn’t need to do that with 1 GB of memory. Anyways, I upgraded the apache web server software and php on that server and also changed some configuration parameters, so we’ll see if that solves the problem at all.

I don’t think I understood any of that, but I’m glad that you do! Thanks.