Is the Fusion One good for Hockey?

Hey there!

So I’m playing mostly unicycle hockey and have some day to day rides to the grocery store or something. I have a very shitty saddle atm and wanted to upgrade. So my question: What do you think of the Fusion one and especially: Would It be good for hockey or do i maybe need the more control of a traditional design and get the freeride?




I play basketball with the Fusion Zero, and it takes a little bit of getting used to, but after a few days of practice it’s fine. For MUni I think it’s clearly a better saddle, for ball sports it’s not an upgrade but it works.

Had one for a while, might come back to it. I remembered that it’s a saddle that’s meant to be held with one or two hands. Don’t know if that’s the best for stuff that requires both hands free - hockey, basketball, juggling and so on.

I’ve ridden briefly with it for hockey but I don’t think its amazing. I like it on my distance unicycle but anything where I come out of the saddle and am not holding on with one hand I feel I will lose it out the back.

I used the Quax Eleven for hockey and I think it is amazing. I used to use Nimbus Gels but would never go back, especially wouldn’t want to use the Nimbus Stadium eughhh.

The Quax Eleven is made in conjunction with Kris Holm so has the same type of coverings as the KH models.

It has a slightly thinner middle portion than most saddles (but not as thin as the fusion one) which appears to improve my agility and comfort… not sure why though.

I don’t play hockey enough to have an opinion, but I know peoples’ tastes are very personal when it comes to saddles. I’ve ridden the Fusion Zero on my Muni and then my Road uni, then upgraded the Road uni to the Fusion One. My Fusion Zero is available if anybody wants it…

IMHO those saddles are best used for long rides where you have a handlebar of some sort to take some of your body weight off the seat. But if Tom Holub makes the Zero work for basketball, that means it might work for you and hockey as well.

That Qu-ax Eleven looks interesting though. I’d like to try one of those.

I love it for Muni and touring.
For hockey and freestyle, I prefer thinner street saddles.

For basketball/hockey, saddle comfort really isn’t much of an issue; you come off the uni all the time anyway. Control is most important.

Hi John,
I’d love to have your Fusion zero for long rides on my KH36, only problem is that I’m in Australia…
I can pay postage if you are willing to post (and the postage isn’t ridiculous!)

The current saddle I have is very curved.

I am not sure about basketball but elite hockey players rarely come off. Perhaps once a game or a couple more if it is a really physical/scrappy game.

I guess in comparison to road riding that is “all the time” though.