Is ten pounds heavy or light for a unicycle

Hey I am going to get a Freestyle unicycle soon and is ten pound heavy or light for a unicycle.

For a trials or MUni that is SUPER light, but for a freestyle unicycle that’s just about perfect!

10 pounds = 4.5kg, I’d say a little on the light side of normal, which is good, especially for freestyle or hockey.


On a side note, what are the weights of some stock trials unis?

how much does a normal Muni weight, compared to the DX.

umm, the DX is a normal muni, what did you mean?

have you picked out a cycle yet? I’m parting with my almost new nimbus II blue 24"…its really not been used hardly at all. (you may want a 20" freestyle though as theyre easier to learn on)

There is a discussion of trials weights here.

well My question was answered in that other Thread, but from wht i know the Dx, is a pretty heavy uni, that takes time to get used to. I was just thinking, how it would be to jump on a 10 pound Muni, that would be sweet.