Is stand up WW in my league?

Okay, so almost everyone has seen my videos and you guys know how good I am. So my question is exactly what it says in the subject: is it worth it for me to practice stand up wheelwalk or would it be a waste of time because I’m not “good” enough? Also, how long do you think it would take for me to learn it? Thanks for any comments!!!

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Only way to find out is to try

Re: Is stand up WW in my league?

Hop on and go for it… if you’re not making progress, wait a while and try again.

your better than me and i tried, no succsess but i tried it…


I think as long as you can wheel walk normally, and you can, you can get it. Nothing is ever so far out of your league that you can’t at least start working on it. If you start now then you’ll be able to do it before too long, even though it might be much harder than anything else you can do, it’s just because you’ve practiced it a lot.

I think if you really want to learn and you really go for it and practise hard and regularly you’ll be able to do it. It’ll probably just take lots of time and lots of practise.

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Re: Is stand up WW in my league?


Nothing is in any of our leagues until we attempt, practice, and accomplish. I learned to ride a unicycle for the first time at age 40 and 285 lbs. Many, many people I come across are surprised that I can ride. Not only that, but I’m a level 4 chasing level 5, pretty good for a heavyweight old man. In the native tongue of my homeland, “Ya tink I’d know better, eh?”


I’ve been wondering the same thing.I can get a couple feet after I practiced for 5 minutes,But its scary.

Im wondering,is there a way to standupww normally,or is it standup 1 foot ww?Im confused.

I believe there is such thing as two-footed stand up wheelwalk, but you must hold the seat in back and have all of your weight on the tire/wheel. I think it’s much harder than standard stand up WW (with one foot).

I see.
I’ll learn that next,when i get around to it.

our friend alick has just learnt it. he is a level 5 unicyclist as well so it is not too difficult for you.


That’s called the “Smiley Walk” after Ryan Woessner of TCUC.