is something wrong here ?

im wondering if this saddle is set up right or not
i am a beginner and want things set up right to make it as easy as possible to learn.
its a thompson post with a rail adapter and some form of kh saddle i bought from norco
im not sure if the saddle is too far forward/back tilted too much or ???
any advice will be helpfull

It looks fine.

The bonus of adjustable style seats is that you can set them up for your own riding style. The pictured seat appears to be in a fairly neutral position i.e. more or less level and centered front to back.

Ride with it in this position and then decide if you might require adjustments in order to obtain a better comfort level for your style of riding.

Beginner and you have a surly? Funniest thing I’ve read today…

lets put it this way im a surly freak i own the conundrum a pugsley long hual trucker pacer and a 1x1 so when they came out with a uni that matches pugsley i had to have it in my colection besides i used to work a a bike shop so got everything at cost :slight_smile:


I Personally would angle the front of the seat up a little more. If it doesnt feel better you can just angle it back to where you have it. Your setup doesn’t look to bad, however, when the saddle is a bit higher in the front it will roll your weight more to the back of the seat. Sitting on your butt instead of your junk tends to be a bit more comfy.

Worth a shot… Its all personal preference. The more time you spend in the saddle the better idea you will have of what works for you.

thanks for the advice i know this isnt a beginner set up with the tire being a 26x4 and all im just anal about set up on all my bikes ill just have to wait for the snow to go and then keep trying

I have to say thet the Surly Pugsley is pure genius. Switching the front wheel for a single speed and all … Brilliant.

its especially genius when you build it with chris king hubs front and rear and hope ti 6 breaks :slight_smile: only downside is it cost about 4000


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I care, and Ive been there. I just don’t have the stamina. The broken record game is to tough for me. Moving a thread just seems to be a better solution at this point. Self moderating is a great idea and kinda works, but the community is growing. Lets face it, as new members come, training everyone gets tougher and tougher, and now were back to the broken record, broken record, … sorry bad joke.

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