Is rubber needed - KH bracket to CFbase


I have been having a wierd creaking sound on my air seat for some time, but it seems to be getting louder. I hear it when I mount the beast or hop. I checked the welds and they seem fine. The seat post bracket seems fine also. That made me wonder if the creaking is coming from the interface of the top of the KH bracket to the bottom of the CF base. I thought maybe a cut inner tube sandwiched between the bracket and the CF base would help out. Of course, that’s assuming that IS the problem. I had tightened everything up and I still got the creak.


You should put a piece of rubber inner tube between the rail bracket and the CF base anyways. It will protect the CF base from cracking.

My rail adapters all make contact with the CF base at four sharp pointy points. That concentrates the forces at four points on the CF base. The CF base will likely weaken and crack at those points eventually. I solved the problem by putting four large washers between the CF base and the bracket. A fat piece of inner tube will do the same. You need something there to spread out the contact.

If the washers or rubber inner tube fixes the creaking sound then all the better.