Is Q-Factor a good thing for street?

yeah is it?

I don’t think it is. It wont make much of a difference but less q factor makes for a smoother ride.

why is that???

the farther the pedals are apart the harder it is to pedal the uni in a straight line.
Q-factor is the distance from pedal to pedal, but what really matters is not the crank length, but the distance from pedal to pedal if you put the cranks on the same direction, like a KANGAROO uni. The bigger that is, the harder it is to make your uni go straight. You want as little q factor possible for all types of uni riding.

ok thanks then, that helped a lot.
thanks bye

I’ve read that more Q-factor increases control, so I’d probably be good for trials, but I bet it’d be better to have no Q-factor and longer cranks.

Edit: You would also be less likely to hit the cranks nubs.

I definitely don’t know how accurate this is, but I’d like to speculate that it might be easier to spin the wheel for flip tricks with greater q-factor.

Yes. If there were no Q-factor your feet would keep rubbing together, and it might start a fire. :roll_eyes:

Beyond that, I think you wanted to ask if more Q was better than less?

With less Q, you have smoother pedal/crank rotations.

With more Q, you have better control on your uni.

ok so should i get the straight ones or the ones that are already on the orange bud. oh and i dk if im even getting it anyway but this is just good stuff to know

I’ll be the first to say go for the KH moment hub and cranks instead. I’ve talked to people who say the Koxx street cranks actually fall off.

Otherwise if you are sticking with koxx, it really depends on the type of riding you plan to do. If you think you are doing the flatland type stuff give the street cranks a try because if I remember right from seeing one of your videos you seemed like a pretty small guy and shouldn’t really have to worry too much about bending the cranks.

how odd. would it fit?

The moment hub? From the several threads I’ve seen about it yeah it should.

alrightio, although i might not need to because im light.
or is that too heavy?

I’ve gathered the opposite from the posts I’ve read.

Koxx ISIS is only compatable w/ Koxx.

it’s all a matter of personal preference, i think.
I personally like longer cranks, and i don’t care whether they have q or not.
I can ride either.
What can i say, i’m a fencewalker.