is newer KH hub lighter than old one?

does anyone know if the new KH hub will be lighter than the old one? I thought I remember Kris Holm saying there was a lighter hub coming out.

If it’s lighter, anyone got an accurate figure as to the weight?

If it’s the new new one yet to be released (I think, Kris Holm Unicycles and Onza are making it) I have heard it is to be the weight of a Suzue hub with bicycle Euro cranks, which is considerably lighter than the current one! I don’t have any figures as I’m not sure there are any yet, because the hub and cranks aren’t finished… Could be wrong.

True, we have not got the final design yet in our hands.


Is it still the end of this year you’re expecting them to be on sale? Do you have even the wildest of ideas as to how much the set would cost?

We are hoping to have the pre-production model for the European cycle show. They should arrive with etc. towards the end of October if everything goes to plan.

Cost; yes, but not confirmed so will not say anything.


Ah, I do like a mystery! :slight_smile: Under what name will they be branded?KH?

the new kh hub has revers splindes and is as light as a suzue hub. :smiley: