Is my uni seat too asymmetrical to learn on?

I have a Club 20" that I ordered to learn unicycling with. All seems good with it, except that the seat tilts slightly upward on the left side. Is this going to make it harder to learn with? Should Unicycle dot com have discarded this seat and included one with a straighter post interface before shipping it to me? The seat is not one with rails on the bottom. The interface on it is just a short vertical hole that the seatpost sticks into. The tilt on this seat is not huge but, is visually noticeable as I try to align the seat with the rest of the cycle. Is this going to make learning to ride harder than it should be? Unicycling seems to depend a lot on how the rider sits in the seat. Thanks for reading this noob’s post.

Actually, the interface for the seatpost is not merely just a hole, but a bracket (with a hole) that’s fastened to the seat via four screws.

As a beginner, I think you’re going to be riding in the “cradle” of the seat, so that would minimize the effects of the asymmetrical seat. There are some threads on this forum regarding flattening out seats. I assume the same techniques used to flatten a seat could also be used to fix the crookedness of your seat. Good luck!

I wouldn’t think it would hurt but it should be easy to add a couple washers between the seat and the seat post on the low side. You should be able to find thicker or thinner washers or use multiple washers as needed to level it up.