Is my tire backwards??

I have a stiky try-all tire and I don’t know if It’s in the wrong direccion xD. Here’s a photo:

Now my seat is pointing to the right of the photo, I think It’s the wrong direccion so I have to desinflate the tire and put it ok.

What do you think?

For me it really looks like opposite direction. Try and see if it makes a bit less noise :slight_smile:

Looks backward. Usually the “arrows” on a tire go forward. Sometimes mtbers put them backwards for traction but I don’t think you want to.

It’s probably backwards but it’s pretty unlikely to matter on a trials unicycle. Fix it the next time you have to fix a flat or something.

Its fine, if you notice the tryall logo on the side has a arrow pointing in the correct direction.

It’s in the right direction, I have a tryall. Notice the rotation sticker thingy on the sidewall of the tire (not in picture).

If you Muni on it you might want to change the direction.

By switching the direction of the tire on my Muni, I’ve noticed a slight improvement in uphill tracktion (and a slight decrease in downhill tracktion)

If it works fine, why worry about it?

Yes, as long as you’re using it on pavement you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

I have to agree with thestig and Julia B, I put my Try-All on according to the rotation symbol and it looks similar. I think it’s probably fine, I am including a pic of mine for your judgment, sorry it’s kind of hard to see.

KH and Try All.JPG

I think the tyre may be in the wrong direction, but possible the frame or seatpost-clamp is reversed. Still, it’s named “Tryall” so why bother?

Yeah, I finally discover that this is the “usual” direction but of course you can try the opposite as well. Thx for all the feedback :wink: