is my new uni good

i just bought a new uni its going to be here next monday

its a kh20 is it good i bought it at bed ford unicycles frow derren:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i cant wait

It’s a very fun uni. So the better question is are you going to leave your Bedford sticker on it? And prepare to get blue paint on your shoe.

thanks for the quick anwser and yes im ready to have blue paint on my shoes

my shoes are blue:D lol…and yellow

and why would i want to take the sticker off…is it ugly

you got to rep the bedford logo

yeah, its not like KH doesn’t have 11or12(literally, i counted) other signatures on it anyways.

Leave the sticker on. And you pretty much got the best uni out there. No go use it well :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s one of the best unicycles out there!

I saw you added me on msn. KH20s do certainly own!

For trials, yes.
For street, debatable.
For everything else, “not that great” to “sucks”
IMO, for the 20

Have you ever heard of separating complete thoughts with periods?
And yes, it’s a good uni. I don’t own one, but I’ve tried it.


what unicycle de you have

You shouldn’t have to ask if a unicycle over $400 is good. If you’re spending that much on a unicycle you should know that it is good quality.

it typical stand true but that proves it wrong

True, but you should do the research before you buy a uni. Not spend 400 dollars and hope that you got a good uni.

i love my KH20. there so much fun if you can use it right

unless i read one of your last posts wrong the completely contradict each other

i know its good but i wanted to see if it had any big defaults