is my mom to old

my pasor is learning and hes 58

I won’t say it, its too harsh and too tempting… I think Amanda’s not quite at the crankflip/grinding stage yet, but it wouldn’t take much to convince her to at least have a go at an easy ledge. Back to the topic:

I think posting on these fora about the age to start unicycling is probably an exercise in futility. Everyone here will tell you that it’s never too late to start learning, there are some very experienced riders here with many years under their belts. Klass might pop up in a while with a link to his statistical analysis of learning time & age too.

We’ve looked into this extensively, and the consensus is the time it takes to learn is dependant on enthusiasm, practice and dedication. Your mum has an able tutor (which may speed up the process as opposed to learning on your own, but will not necessarily make her a better rider because of the tution per se), and has made the decision to learn without being persuaded or forced by a commitment (there’s a blog somewhere on the net of a journalist from a cycling magasine who was forced by the mag to learn, and he got nowhere. If you don’t want to learn, it’ll never happen). She also has access to all the equipment required to learn at all times (as opposed to someone who can only ride at a club meeting once a week).

Good luck, and thats one more of us, one less of them.

Loose. used to have an ad featuring a guy who learned to ride at 92.

Hey 42 isn’t all that old, I’m sure if she was determined enough she could learn to ride. I think this thread says alot about the maturity and kindness of people on this forum, on no other internet forum in the world (except the banjo players) could you title a thread “is my mum too old” without getting a string of lewd jokes as replies, sorry to lower the tone.

Well firstly wheres amanda?

Secondly, she can half flip, unispin and i reckon she could grind with a little of her own persuassion.


Tell her to go for it. I learned at age 50. I am coming up on my third anniversary of learning to ride a unicycle.

Firstly, hello

Secondly you are 10 times better than me soo im sure you can grind


I agree with the girl statement, unless the girl happens to be a mother of a child that she has (at least partially) raised.

Then she’s probably invincible. I have a lot of respect for mothers, in general.

Me too.

Spoiled all my fun;)

I’m 43 and started to learn fencing at 40, and only really got seriously into unicycling at about 38. One of my fencing coaches is 82 and teaches two nights a week. My grandmother used to climb the trees in the orchard to prune them until she was in her 80s. My mate Andy learned to unicycle at 50.

If your mum’s fit and determined then she will learn to ride.

Hey OFB, I remember when you were trying to learn last year. I’ve actually thought about you on occasion and wondered him you were still riding!

Cool, are you in shape now?

i was 54 when i learned to uni now at 59 i ride on canal paths & quite rough tracks through woods walking! my two dogs. people do tend to stare when i ride on the pavement with the dogs pulling me along on their leads .i’m female & i wear pads now as i’ve bust my knees a few times.

Hope not I’m 62 and just starting.

Well, what have you decided? Are you going to teach her? And tell her where she can access old geezer and geezeress unicyclists on the internet.


No, probably worse right now. I pretty much spent the winter sitting :frowning:
I posted a message about titled something like “back on the wheel”.
At least now that things are settled down somewhat, I can get going again and lose some of this winter insulation :wink:
Thanks for the interest

i said handrails!!!

its a widley known fact that they just dont got what it takes. an abundance of testosterone.

anyways i wanna see a gal prove me wrong believe me, but ill have to see it with my own eyes.

its a fairly dumb thread for the reason that no one will tell her she is too old. but i think some people are mentally too old to learn. with all the pessimism of old people and alzhymers kickin in, plus menapause around the corner. she might be too old after all.

Tomsey may have something here. I just saw Defect, and it was sobering. All the practice time I put in to do simple things, and Dan complains about it taking 2 hours to learn a trick that hasn’t been performed before. And when menOpause hits, I know it’s going to be worse. I’ll have to double my testosterone supplements, I think. Now, where did that bottle go… :thinking:

Amanda, 3 set, now


i said handrails!!!

its a widley known fact that they just dont got what it takes. an abundance of testosterone.

anyways i wanna see a gal prove me wrong believe me, but ill have to see it with my own eyes.


Ever heard of Elissa Steamer?
Or Tara Dakides?

Of course girls have what it takes to do handrails, it’s just that there aren’t many girls that ride unicycle street. There aren’t even many male unicyclists doing handrails yet.

Maybe Amanda will be the first to prove you wrong!