is my mom to old

:wink: my mom wants to learn how to unicycle shes 44 do u think shes to old to learn? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

not at all

I learned at 53 and way out of shape.

You’re never too old to learn to unicycle…until you hit 60. So no, she’s not too old, but i wouldn’t wanna be seen trying to teach my mum how to ride a unicycle. At least not in public anyway.

she isn’t to old

you’re never too old to learn somethin new!!

unless maybe if you’re dead!

i wouyld gladdly teach my mom to uni in public, i love my mommy

Last time we visited TCUC in Minneapolis, there was a 78-year-old farmer at the club learning how to ride.

my dad is learning at 53

Teach her, and then send us photos of her riding in full pads. I always find people over 40 in full pads hilarious.

yeah, i could see how that could present a slight problem.

I learned how to ride just a few months before I turned 50 :smiley:

My moms over 40 and I too would love to teach her to uni. And she would look totally Cool(not hilarious) in full pads!:smiley:

she could probably learn ok… but she probably wont be able to do crankflip or handrails in that short lifetime… not cos shes old, just because shes a girl

yeah, thats the only trouble I saw too…I still don’t believe that girls can unicycle.

I don’t think so. I was 42 when I started. My wife was 40. Of course, she got pregnant to get out of it. I hope that doesn’t happen to your mom.

What you think that amandagallager is not a girl or something???

No one’s to old to learn if they really want to. We’re all learning till the day we die.



:smiley: :slight_smile:

Absolutely not to old!!!:smiley:

my dad 53 and can ride 3 metres (but we wont be seeing him him here)

I learned when I was 42… now about 5 years later, I’m 22 and it feels great! (Tell your mom that incredible, yet true story :wink: )