Is my brake setup correct?

I have magura mt 2 with 160 rotor and 127/150 cranks.

My caliper only contacts the very outer edge of the rotor.
I think the caliper adaptor is for 180mm. I checked the clearance and i think i have enough clearance for 160mm adaptors but it looks like it will be really close to the crank. Maybe 2 to 3mm however i cant really tell without the 160mm adaptor.

Braking does indeed work and function but i wonder if im missing out on 100% effectiveness. Would it be safe to go with 160mm adaptor?

images here.

Your brake is barely hitting the rotor, and most of the brake track looks like it hasn’t ever touched the brake pads. So, I think you are probably right that you have the wrong adapters for your rotor. I can’t say for sure how switching to the 160 adapter will work, but it’s worth trying.

I know that some adapters rotate the caliper as well as move it up or down, so that could help or hurt your 2-3mm’s of clearance issue. Is there a bike shop around that will let you test fit a couple of different adapters before you buy? At $10/adapter the price could add up quick.

That is clearly a 180mm adapter. If you use a 160mm rotor, go with a 160mm adapter. Did you get this one with the brake?

yea It came with the brake, I ordered a 160mm rotor but i guess a 180mm adaptor.

question!, I am looking at some 160mm brake adaptors FRONT and Rear they actually look different and looks like it will affect the caliper position. anyone know which one I should order? front or rear?

Well, I found this magura one which looks similar to the 180mm I have, I guess this will be ok? looks ok to me.

Yes spacing is different, on unis we use the Front standard.

Honnestly, you should just go to your local bikeshop, they should have all that in stock for you!

Kind of embarrassed to say this but… Money is extremely tight and I have ebay bucks on my account I can use. I really don’t want to go bother the bike shop if I won’t even buy it there… it feels wrong…

You guys think this one is ok shape? (not sure what this one is classified as front or rear but it looks just like the one I have but shorter to really fit the 160mm rotor)

or this one?? (this one is classified as front)

I may catch flack for this, but if clearance looks like it’ll be tight with a 160mm adapter/rotor, you may consider just swapping the rotor for a 180 and leaving the adapter/caliper alone.

On my uni’s I usually have more clearance with 180mm rotors anyway. Plus a rotor swap would be less messing around than a caliper swap.

I didn’t consider this at all…Now I got something to think about tonight.

A rotor will cost more than a new adapter though…

Is there a chance your adaptor is put on backwards?

I would try flipping it around and seeing if that works, if not: a new adaptor would be in order.

If you can wait one or two weeks for delivery, these 180mm rotors are available from Hong Kong at ÂŁ3.50p ($5) each, with free postage.

Or the 160mm brackets are available for ÂŁ2.95p ($4.50c) in the UK.

Both are good for your setup. I was reffering to your bikeshop to go buy it there. Support your local bikeshop!

People have ridden MT2 with 160mm rotor an Spirit cranks.

Here is an update for future readers.

180 adapter can work on a 160 rotor with mt2 and 1 mm spacer. However you will only get about 1 quarter of the width used on the rotor.

As i was taking it apart to install the 160mm adapter i realized i could flip the 180 adapter and bring the caliper closer. This also works but still leaves a quarter width of the rotor un touched.

With the 160mm adapter installed the pads are touched all of the rotor for obvious maximum stopping power. I could not flip the adapter upside down as it would not clear the caliper. So ultimately theres only one way you can fit the adapter. (2 mm washers were used as the 160mm is thinner by a small amount vs 180.)

The caliper does clear the cranks by like 5 or10 mm.

If you have no options and only adapter laying around, you can make due. However i would suggest getting the 160mm so you can wear the rotor and pads evenly for longer lasting and better braking power.

Thanks everyone for your input.

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I was also confused with the 180 front / 160 rear markings on the adaptors
So I bought 1x front/rear adaptor, and both sized discs - just to be sure.
Obviously I only needed the 180mm disc.

The spare 160mm makes a nice coaster for my desk.

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