Is my '07 KH rim toast?

I have a feeling this happened as a result of my “Fedex” drop Sunday! I had plenty of pressure in my tire, so there was no “bottoming out” at the point of impact.

Today though, I noticed a definite flat spot on my '07 KH MUni rim. Have a look at the vid and tell me if you think it can be fixed, or do I just need to buy another rim? I’m surprised and disappointed because I only weigh 145lbs and I would have thought that the new '07 rim could withstand a 4.5 foot drop! I figured it could take much higher drops than that and stay round!

Are you sure its the rim and not just a few bent spokes? I’m poor at telling that kind of thing, but if it is the rim, then you can certainly ride it but it won’t be that round or as strong anymore.

Well even if it was a few bent spokes, the rim itself is still out of round now.

Ride it till it breaks :frowning:

no hes got a job get a new one

I’d say a bike shop should be able to true that and get it fairly straight again. Terry, I think the issue is your landings, especially that fedex drop you mentioned, most of the times you hit there was no immediate roll out and that is crucial if you want to keep your gear in decent condition. So I suggest you either work on those roll outs on something shorter or start practicing sif drops.

I prefer doing drops SIF, much healthier.

Yeah because I had such a limited launch area, I wasn’t dropping with much forward momentum. It was kinda hard to get a decent roll-out, but you’ll notice if you watch the vid again that with every attempt I immediately started pedalling forward at impact, so it wasn’t just a “dead” drop.

But yeah, if I had a bit more lead-in to get some speed, I could have more easily rolled out faster. Of course I could’ve also jumped out more, but it was pretty scary up there so I just took the shortest route down!
Thanks for that point.:slight_smile:

You could also force your roll out, just make sure you practice a few smaller drops first.

Pedal the unicycle in front of you a bit, like you’re idling, when you hit the ground of course.

Just think of going straight into idling from your drop, probably won’t work very well on a 24" though.

Don’t just drop, gap.

When you actually jump forward off something like you’re trying to gap to something, you will already have your forward momentum, all you have to do is twist a few degrees in the air so you land straight.

Yeah good point I thought of that but my space was really limited plus I was preoccupied with being so much higher than I had been before. :astonished:

But yeah, I did that very “side-twist-to-forward” gap at the skatepark, off that triple decker thing that was like 4 feet high:

Nice, but that drop had two steps to go over, so mentally you knew you had to gap out and get the momentum to just get over the sets.

Try to get that same mentality with all drops to flat, just gap out a few feet so you roll right as you hit the ground.

For your rim, seems small enough to easily get it dished and trued for a semi-small amount of money.

Cool, but what exactly does “dishing” refer to?

The up and down wobbling of the rim. =p

I have to go now, good luck with your rim.

Well it is wobbling up/down, but I thought that’s because the rim was bent and flattened from the impact.

I must’ve called 4 or 5 LBS’s today, and they all told me that once an aluminum rim is bent and/or flattened, it cannot be bent back to a round state without either breaking it or weakening it further. Now I’m confused.

They could have been overestimating the damage, I’m pretty sure you could get that rim trued.

Dishing only applies to the rear wheel of bicycles where you’ve got a cassette on one side so that the wheel is effectively less wide on that side and the spokes connect to the hub at a lesser angle so that the rim is still centered above the hub.

Dishing applies to all wheels; it just is more likely to be wrong on rear bicycle wheels because of the offset you mention. I’ve had to dish-correct unicycle wheels.

yeah, you should bring it into the bikeshop. I think they think its worse than it is. From the looks of it on the vid, it doesn’t look like its unfixable. You could probably true that up.