is Muni dead?...


So we started off the day by going to the wrong side of the mountain…we caught a cab to the other side, $20 i didnt want to spend but thats ok.

hiked for about an hour, got to our trails. Ripped down, got a ton of footage. Headed back for the bus, transfered to a second bus to get home. We got home and realized that camera was on one of the buses…

Hopefully someone found it and turned it in, cause theres some stuff in there that i only wanted to ever have to do once.

sorry guys, hopefully a re-shoot on thursday.


That stinks. Hope you get your camera back.

I guess i shoulf of mentioned that it wasnt my camera, it was my buddys (bryan corry, UDC canada factory team rider).

you lucky git, here in the flattest part of England the only place I can muni in is holes! Good thing there are some awesome holes around here :smiley:

that last part will probably be misinterpreted lol

I have done a bit of Muni recording recently, but I’m waiting for decent weather to carry on. I prefer making Muni videos to trials or street, It makes me look like a better rider lol. Shame I can only muni on my own though, i have to go and set up the camera and ride the whole route in little sections, I love just blasting around where ever I want and not having to stop. however that does get a bit hard to record yourself.

hope you get the camera back.

Oh’boy, you lost your buddies camera… Haha good luck man.

nah he came with and filmed all day… he lost his own camera haha

Oh haha, well thats a bit better I suppose

Found these there’s tons more:

one of those is from 2008 and one is from 2005

i think youre missing my point here man. You look at the level or street and trials and it overshadows muni. Muni is the whole reason i started unicycling and i think its time for it to shine again.

You guys remember the days of dylan wallinger? some of the awesome northshore videos from kris? there hasnt been much of that latley and i think thats whats lacking here in the “unicycling videos” section.
The whole point of this thread and video im putting out is to spark up the interest in Muni again. Honestly speaking, when i saw Mike P bust out that front flip it go me excited enough to put my work aside and get back on my 24 and hike my ass up the mountain. It would be nice to see people push themselves as much as a lot of the riders do here with street and trials.

So please, prove me wrong… show me that Muni is’nt dead!

p.s.i remember there was a Muni video contest here a little while ago too, something like 3 vid’s???

That first one kick ass! And he’s like 50 or something which is amazing! i can’t come close to being that good and I’m like half that old!

The top unicyclists muni so I think it IS shining. Look at Terry! All of the older unicyclists here muni, not trials/street. I think muni takes a lot more as its distance and trails all in one really.

Sorry, here it is:

Not sure where your coming from with that. I think the riders your talking about have given up on progressing and just ride for fun. Which isn’t a bad thng.

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im not trying to make an argument here, i think you’re taking this too literally…Uni dood hit it right on the nose, its just recently that that a muni front flip had been landed, the 26" ramp stuff had a few muni shots in it. That sparked up my interest in it to finally pursure street/ Muni, which i did yesterday (hopefully we get our camera back). There’s a lot of people that ride muni you just either a) dont hear about it b) usually just for fun c) its never about the progression.

we’re checking the lost and found again tomorrow, so cross fingers guys!

Its not luck. You move to Vancouver for the muni.

In my case, I’m being really stupid moving away from Vancouver (to Seattle), but I will drive to Vancouver for a good muni ride.
If Justin were doing this on the weekend, I’d be there.

I’d have to disagree there. Uncyclists dont die, they take up coker.
And thats my plan. When I can’t do extreme muni and trials, I’ll take settle for gentle pastures of riding around a green lake.

I’m starting to think, we have a terminology problem. Muni means many things to many people. Its like street vs trials vs big street.
North Shore muni is fairly unique. Its big. Its technical. Its closer to trials.
What other people call muni, we would call cross country.
When people ask what I do, I say I “mountain unicycle”. And that gets the jist of it across. Its on a mountain, its extreme, and its not a clown thing.

Terminology falls behind all sports from time to time. Just wait we will start to see terms like “freeride muni” just like you see in mountain biking. Heres the best part for the unicyclist community… the group of people who start pushing muni again gets to name it!

I for one plan to be in the group who names what muni becomes when we push it! the question is… are all of you going too?

here’s hoping i get my camera back… lots of work went into filming yesterday (didn’t have a working muni so i had to walk it :(d)… it will blow your minds

P.s Sports aren’t much fun or interesting when they don’t grow… there always has to be something to move towards. Im not saying muni’s dead… but in my oppinion it is for sure on life support… won’t you give in CPR?

I’d have to disagree with you there. Northshore is nothing like trials. It IS big and technical but it should be flowing and fast.

I really enjoy a decent Muni ride, the trouble with filming muni is that you have to constantly stop and start and its hard to make difficult line look good on camera. Quite often you do something on the very edge of your capabilities and it looks sooooo rubbish on film.

I have been thinking about trying to shoot a good muni vid for ages and was planning on going to Scotland near the end of summer to do some really wild muni. Watch this space.


Wait, so if someone is not doing flips and drops where the end result could be death/paralyzation, it doesnt count? Why would anyone do this if it isnt for fun? I guess the fact you are 17 and I’m an adult with responsibilities and a desire to ride later in life is the difference.

Being alive is about doing. To me anyways. Kris Holm can risk his life or you can if you want to. Not me for sure. If that means I dont count, thats fine. I want to ride the trails here. If it were a bike, its considered mountain biking. Its not a path, there are rocks and roots to go/jump over. Going up a steep mountain and coming downhill on a bike is called downhill mountain biking. So if you are considering downhill muni as only being muni, I think you have it wrong. Then we should have XC muni, freeride muni, all mountain muni, downhill muni, etc.

It doesn’t mean you “don’t count.”

What I think he means is that in Muni (for the most part) there isn’t a big push for progression. In Street/Flat its a race to land the next big trick and push the sport. In Muni, most riders ride for fun instead of trying to break the limits. Not to say people don’t ride street for fun, because I do. But at this point in time the overall attitude of the two varieties is pretty different.

EDIT: I do not really think it’s fair to say that the top unicyclists ride muni. I’d consider some of the best flat/street/trials riders to be among the top unicyclists in the world.