is Muni dead?...

not yet.

Looking forward to seeing the video :slight_smile:

oh ya!!! I love good muni vids.

Me to :slight_smile:

I look forward to it but I hate the phrase “muni is dead”. Just because most muni riders dont have the time to film when the ride because it doesnt mean that less people ride muni ;). It is just more complicated to film in the wood then in the city. In germany muni got a lot bigger in the last years we have something between 3-5 muni races each year and many people ride just for fun every weekend.

selfish bastards.

Looking foreward to it!

How do you really film muni? Unless you are like Kris Holm and have a staged crew out there for you or super good mtbers who can film and ride at the same time? Here on the trails, I dont see how a friend could really RIDE and tape at the same time. :thinking: I guess the taping people ride, stop and stage it?

But I dont think muni is dead. Here it seems all the unicyclists are into road and muni.

Its not much more complicated to film in the woods, its just the act of getting your ass to the mountain to film Muni, and i feel with the last 5 years of unicycling street and flat have really taken over. Now i think its Muni’s time for a comeback!
so the name is really pointed towards the amount of videos out there today, i think people are getting more worried about quantity then quality in most videos and i always thought muni brought out the best in both worlds.

Alright guys, im headed to the mountain…


I wish I could say that so bad. The highest vertical drop hill here is probably 40 or 50 feet and is just grass.

Looking forward to the video though :smiley:

For myself I can say, that I made some Muni Vids but for sure I am not good enough yet to impress anyone with my riding. And Muni IS NEVER DEAD as it lives in our hearts :smiley:

And yeah, I am looking forward to seeing the vid :wink:

i see your thread here and i say it’s not dead at all. I see so many muni videos on youtube and they are so amazing! I’ll look for a good one and post it here.:slight_smile:

Long live MUni !!!

You guys should stop talking about Muni. Your making me feel bad that I don’t have one.:frowning:

i agree street and flat are taking up too much space we need more muni (and trials) stuff happening

ps. that vid will be good :slight_smile:

Interest in muni never died.
But street/trials are more accessible. Even if you’re lucky enough to live near a mountain, you need a car, if not 2 for shuttle.
muni, unless you film it, is invisible. It happens, but nobody sees it.
whereas street riding you’re more likely to get kicked out.
It is easier to film trials street too. You can set up a tripod, lug around heavy cameras, you know what to point the camera at, and it doesnt take hours to get to the location.
My initial muni films were pretty bad for technical reasons. Its dark, and cameras will use long exposures and blur alot. You sometimes have to run behind a rider. Its not always easy with some of the technical challenges like drops and skinnies. The weather is worse, at least on the north shore. 30% more rain than downtown. More snow (which is fun!), fog.
You have to ride with the camera. I’ve gone thru a lot of cameras… averaging about 3 per year.
Its also hard to make it look as hard as it is. Some things are really technical, but look boring/easy… such as root and rocks. Going down very steep stuff, usually looks flat and you’d wonder why it was even filmed.
Some things are easy, but look cool. Such as a log bridge. Ultimately, it films really nice, and the location is as much a character as the people in it.
Even my most mediocre muni vids are better received than my best street/trials vids.
Its a shame I wont be have the monopoly on north shore videos. People will realise how bad mine were, now that there is a great rider, who is also semi pro at making videos. But I dont even live in Canada now, so I cant think of anyone better to take over north shore muni videography.

How’d the ride go? Hope you didn’t kill yourself trying to do something new. Theres been too many accidents lately.

viva le muni :slight_smile:

What about Edd Hawkes, legendary UK Muni rider? He makes plenty vids.

It’s good to see that you’re still an active rider. I’m one of those rare breeds that likes watching any form of unicycling (though I ride only trials with a little street thrown in, and bc wheel from time to time).

How many others (besides Dan and Kris) still ride, from the Defect “crew”? I’m not very active in this board these days, but it looks like so many that were at the top of their game when that film came out have dropped off the scope. Most were in my age range too.

I don’t mean to appear like I’m thread-jacking, but it’s good to see fellow 20-somethings still riding!

Look forward to watching your video

I’m pretty sure the author of this thread was in Defect (it migh of been Universe 1 or 2).