Is muni a parody?!!

So, I was reading this wiki article on Extreme sports. I was quite liking it, until I read this:

Okay, let’s see:

Now, I don’t see muni falling under either definition. It’s a sport on its own, it doesn’t try to copy or mock anything. This mention in the same list with extreme ironing and urban housework kind of made me angry.

What do you think?

ps. I looked up house gymnastics, I think it’s cool.

Where is the article? We can fix it if its a wiki.


We can, I even have an account(not that you need it for that). I just wanted to hear other people’s opinions before modifying it.

Muni is certainly not a parody, it (to us at least) is a legitimate sport. I removed that reference of it though I think we should add it to a different section of that article as a serious reference.

Extreme ironing or extreme wheeelbarrow are parodies. Extreme wheelbarrow may be sufficiently skilled to become a genuine sport in its own right. MUni is a valid and genuine sport that has existed since the first unicycle. Anyone who categorised it with extreme ironing was writing from a position of ignorance about what can be achieved on a MUni. I am only a fair to middling MUniist, and I regularly ride stuff that I see so-called mountain bikers hesitating over or avoiding.

Well, it doesn’t fit their definition of extreme sports, but it’s not a parody either. They say extreme sports are sports where the most likely outcome of a mistake is death. Not true for muni(or any extreme unicycling), unless you take people like Kris Holm, but they’re minority.

Most people break their hands or legs, they don’t die(I’m not disappointed, mind you).

The definition of extreme sports is another matter, but MUni is a sport in its own right, not a parody of something else. Whoever categorised it with ironing clearly had visions of people dressed as clowns riding in procession over undulating meadows.

I have done scuba diving. I ride an 800cc motorcycle nearly every day on the public highway. In either case, certain mistakes could result in death. Neither of them is an extreme sport. Scuba diving is a hobby for active grannies, and motorcycling is an enjoyable means of transport.

MUni is more of a sport than either, in that it is more physical, and more focused and challenging (apart from riding the motorbike fast - when the two are of comparable mental intensity).

MUni has put me in hospital a couple of times. I chipped a bone in my wrist once. I needed seven stitches in my chin after a fall in a quarry. I cracked a rib last year in the middle of the forest. MUni has put me in danger of hypothermia, dehydration, sunstroke and complete physical exhaustion. I have done descents where the risk of a fall has been present, and the potential consequences of such a fall could have been major fractures and skin grafts.

It’s extreme enough for me, compared to sitting watching East Enders, going for a pizza, or clubbing - which are the extreme sports of many of my work colleagues.

I saw the house gymnastics page a year ago…looks so cool:D
but then i saw the extreme ironing page…wth :astonished:

Extreme croquet is definitely not a parody either…it’s an AMAZING sport.

You can read this in the talk pages.

The guy who replied got a few things wrong, but I like his attitude.

What a bizarre combination of pointless semantics and Freudianism.

My sport is more extreme than yours, so I am more manly… your sport isn’t extreme… etc.

Sport is a word. Extreme is a word. Extreme sports is an expression. Setting up a limited definition, then excluding things selectively from it is good fun for a while, but pointless.

I see MUni as a specialised branch of unicycling, and a specialised branch of cycling, and a specialised branch of exploring the hills and mountains. There are similarities and differences. Enjoy the differences; share the similarities.

None of it is as dangerous as trying to grow food for your kids in large parts of Africa, or trying to get your daughter educated in large parts of the east, or trying to change the government in any one of half the countries in the world. More people die of eating fatty food than unicycling or skiing.

That is soo, that really infuriates me, well have to change it, then check out to see if anyone changes it back.

Can you get in serious trouble for totally messing up a page???

Yes, they’ll tell your parents.

Wikipedia is a resource, not a battle ground.

Vandalise it and you spoil a valuable international resourvce, and risk having your access blocked.

Yeha Ivan pretty much sums it up, the worst they can do is ban you. But I’m sure most people would rather you didn’t, wikipedia is a valuable resource and also regardless of how hilarious your modifications to the page are it will most likely be changed back within half an hour, it’s the work of a moment for someone else to remove your changes.

Quick sombody put unicycling as a real extreem sport!

the people that wrote that miiiiiight of gotten it from
i highly doubt it though…

I couldn’t find any mention of unicycling on that linked page. There is a lot of good info on this wiki page: