Is mountain-biking as fun as Muni?



There is nothing I can do with this photo, nor would I even if I could.

I think we should be gratefull that one of our members is prepared to share so much and suffer the humiliation of admitting his own fetishisms.

We now have the visually proof that just as the abuse of soft drugs leads inevitably to the abuse of hard drugs, bicycling leads to overt transvestism.

So remember kids when a stranger comes up to you in the street and offers you a front wheel and some handlebars, just kick him in the nuts and yell “Get stuffed Tranny”

Oh and Mojoe, carefull with blue dresses I find they tend to show up your varicous veins in poor light.

Re: Is mountain-biking as fun as Muni?

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:58:15 -0500, rhysling
<> wrote:

>Out of consideration to the Forum members, please shave your legs before
>making further posts of this nature.

Ah Rhysling, give the poor guy some of your wax.

Klaas Bil

“To trigger/fool/saturate/overload Echelon, the following has been picked automagically from a database:”
“fish, Timothy McVeigh, 312”