Is Kris the best...or just the most popular?

I see Kris riding all the time in videos and stuff, but I wonder…there must be other ‘really good’ riders out there.

Does Kris have any real competition?

Are ther others out there just waiting for corporate sponsors?

Or are we gonna have to wait until Kris it too old and decrepid (sp?) before there is another ‘most-famous’ rider?


Or does Kris just blow everyone away?

Who do you think is 2nd best then? Sofa? Not quite

Is whoever is 2nd best come Klose to Kris?

There must be SOMETHING that Kris is 2nd best at!

Downhill/XC results this year: 1st: Dan Heaton, 2nd: Kris Holm.

Although the results really dont prove much, and even though it was just a race amongst friends, I thought I would bring them up… Kris didn’t come first, although, I dont think that’s really his specialty.


Not meaning to make fun of Kris but, that is COOOOOOL. I think we could beat him at something. Maybe even non-uni if we cant think of anything… like hen slapping at forty paces. You know for a Shaeksperian (sp?) twist or something…

I don’t know what it’s like to be on top, as Kris is, but isn’t it just tearing all he’s worked for down to say, “I can beat you, only to prove myself, even though you’ve had to prove yourself to everyone else first!” I mean after all, HE was the one who got the Norco sponsorship after all.

I guess I don’t really know what I’m talking about, it’s just that I don’t want to pull down someone who’s great inspiration for so many people… maybe it’s just deep respect or something-- I dunno.

So basically, I am better than Kris Holm, I’ve been riding longer than John Foss, and I know everything. I just don’t think we should bring down the “hero” of our sport.

I didn’t mean it like that…I’m just saying that there must be somebody with possibly the same amount of talent, that we just don’t hear about as much.

I thank Kris for everything that he’s done for us half-bike fanatics, but I was just figuring that he can’t be THAT much better than absolutely EVERYONE.

I guess I’m just curious to see who’s next

I see.

Anyhow, I realize that I am I bit loopy at the moment; I went for a very long and exhausting, yet extremely fun Muni ride today: a good three hours.

I’m sure there are some people, such as Kris, with great skill, but after all, no one is the same. This applies directly to talent/skill since everyone learns differently and everyone has their own strengths.

I’ve seen Kris Holm ride a little (when I could catch up) and there is no doubt that he is an incredible athlete. He does things that are pretty much unbelievable even when you are watching them unfold right before your eyes.

I’ve also seen “the kids” ride. Ben Plotkin-Swing, Dylan Wallinger, Max Dingemans, Dan Heaton, these guys that are all 16 to 20 years old and doing fantastic trials and MUni riding. These guys have lots of years left in them and they are already amazing at what they do. They will probably surpass Kris. Then, the now 10 year olds will be chasing them. So it goes.

well, as for people that have the ability to.
i would put my money on The Homie of Uni. (jay brady)
he is amazing in everything he does, and if he wanted to shame kris holm, he could do it, no problem. but… as you put it, you don’t want to shame the “hero” of our sport. but all of the people that are better than you are in some way your “hero” perhaps i think of him this way because i could NEVER be as good as either kris holm or jay brady.


Me Surpass Kris? Cant happen!

Not with that aditude…

I’ve seen you ride. You’ve never seen you ride. You’ve seen me ride. If you think that everyone else that rides, rides like me, including you, I can understand why you would think that way. But they don’t. Some people ride like you, including you. Is that at all clear? Am I missing some words or punctuation or paragraphs?

You also have special talents that no one else possesses. When they fall on logs, they break their unicycles or themselves. You break the logs. That’s a cool feature. I’ve seen you ride skinnies before and you’re good at that, too. I’ve seen you jump around on unstable stumps while the rest of us were gasping for air and watching, waiting for you to get tired so we could go on and maybe keep up. And that’s just the MUni stuff.

I saw you do a routine in a gym blindfolded. I’ve seen you do high level standard skills stuff…blindfolded, and with an audience. You’re good, Max, get used to it.

Ive always thought that Nathan Hoover was underated…

Yeah, I agee with your comment about Nathan. He is such an exceptional rider and so humble. He just rides along with Kris and has fun. Doesn’t draw attention away from Kris and yet he certainly is good enough to ride with the ‘best’.
he, shares Kris’s generosity in terms of helping out new and even not so new riders with suggestions on technique and equipment.

For sure, Nathan, inadvertantly in the shadow of Kris Holm, is underated.


>You’re good, Max, get used to it.

and if u need some practise max, try n push the space bar on your keyboard
no, i said try n push it

it’s very cliche i know
it also happens to be true
u either do or dont do something
there is no try
and if u do stuff and do it well, u owe yourself the respect of recognition
part of that ‘self-respect’ is the humility u’ll find a lot of people mention when they discuss kris
( i dont know him personally)

have fun with it



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no matter who you are, what you do or how well you do it there will always be somebody, somewhere that can do it better. If not there will be within a year or so.

My goal in life is to one day be as good as Kris Holm:D !!

It’s hard to stand out if the place most people have seen you is in videos with Kris Holm.

Nathan has a little better chance of standing out when he’s riding with his son Beau. But these days, they seem about equal when it comes to riding down scary things. Beau has the advantage of lightness, extreme youth (he’s still 8, right?), and bounciness on his 20" wheel.

Okay, I think Beau is about to turn 11.

Both Kris and Nathan are great guys, on and off the unicycles. Though he will surely be surpassed someday, there will always be only one Kris Holm. Before him, mountain unicycling was something else. Trials unicycling was non-existant! Unicycles were almost always connected exclusively with the circus, and were never seen on extreme sports-type TV shows.

Kris has gone to great lengths to get himself photographed and videoed, and to get those images out where people can see them. It’s not enough to be a great rider. In fact being a great rider, and getting the publicity, are mutually exclusive. It just so happens that Kris is the top Trials rider, and one of the top MUni riders in the world.

Don’t get the wrong idea about the ‘race against friends’ at Snoqualmie. Though the MUni community is slow to embrace competitive events, the riders that won that race are competitive as hell. Every time I race on a unicycle it’s a race against friends, but I always do the very best I can, within the limits of my skill and conditioning, to win.

Someday (soon) we’ll get to race against strangers, but our sport is still pretty new.

So. Is Kris the best? Yes. Easily the best at Trials. Not forgetting the fact that he has designed and built most of the Trials competition courses in the world so far, but he would have won them anyway, and probably by a large margin. That margin will shrink over the years, but currently he’s way, way out front.

Most popular? Surely he is the most visible unicyclist in the mass media. So in that sense, yes as well.