is Kris still unicycling?

For months on end, John Foss’s signature was:

“In three months or so, he won’t be doing that any more.” – Kris
Holm’s cousin Derek, 13, on Kris’ unicycling now that he’s married

Kris got married on 21 September and I noticed that his last post was
on 18 December. So, did this dark prediction come true? That would not
cheer up paco who brought this issue up in his recent “Family riding”

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Kris come back :frowning: giving up unicycling is like losing faith in your religion

Kris has joined the ball and chain gang… have faith, us married folk still get to uni, just not as much as before our significant other :wink:

Give it a year. The newness of marriage wears off and you realize you’re both the same people you were before you got married. He’ll be back (until the first baby - that’s another story:p ).

That’s right, it goes from Moonlight and Roses to Daylight and Dishes :smiley:

I thought you were making up a new way to say… Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear go in the woods? Is Helen Ready? Does Sarah Lee Sell her buns? Does Kris Holm Unicycle?

I think it should be based off of “does a bear sh*t in the woods” so it’d be “done Kris Holm unicycle in the woods” :smiley:

It makes a HUGE difference if your spouse rides. Since Kathy learned to ride I’ve had an easier time getting miles in. I can go as long as she can too.

And I hear that Kris’ new bride is a rider.

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

ya my wifes a MILF :smiley:


From the November 2003 Outside magazine’s coming soon section (page 36)
“In November, I’ll be training for a February unicycling expedition to 22,384-foot Aconcagua, in Argentina, by getting soaked and muddy in Vancouver’s North Shore trails. Our four-man team’s plan is to carry the unis up, then ride from the summit to base camp.”
Anybody heard if this is still on?


…hey wait… your wife isnt a Milf she’s a wilf


Of course I’m still riding!! I live 5 minutes from awesome trials and 1/2 hour from some of the best MUni on earth, so there’s really no reason not to. I just signed for another year of riding for Norco, plus of course riding/testing/developing products for KHU.

My wife can ride a unicycle although it’s not something she does very much. However we are both independent people and both want the freedom to pursue adventures independent from each other as well as together.

Priorities do change somewhat though. For example I’m still very motivated to ride difficult terrain, but now I won’t put myself in situations where I’m risking my life.

To answer the Aconcagua question, it didn’t work out this year because not everyone could go, but it will happen at some point.


Cool! :smiley:

But, a ‘situation where I’m risking my life’… I’ve never seen one of them, not by Kris Holm, surely! :stuck_out_tongue:



Glad to see you have decided to be more cautious as you use your amazing talents on the uni. My thoughts on the “risky or life threatening riding”? … Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

I think one of the problems with today’s extreme sports is the go for it at all cost mentality. Just because a person doesn’t get hurt doing a stunt, doesn’t mean it was safe or wise. High risk activities have high impact consequences. A loving spouse (and family) helps a person see what’s important in life.

I know I’ll get flack for this, but there is more to life than uni.


what about Adam Ryznar for universe 1 is he still riding he’s not in universe 2 as far as the sleeve shows?

Amen, brother, in so many ways.

Not from me you wont. I’m glad that Kris is not putting his life at risk anymore and I’m also glad to hear him say that he had been risking his life.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

So am I. Nothing could be worse for the uni community then to have such a high profile rider seriously injured or killed while performing a needlessly dangerous stunt.

I’m also very glad to hear that you (Kris) is still riding. Having one of the most talented riders and product designer not riding would be bad too.


Yeah, whilst speaking of AWOL uni riders, like Thinuniking said- what has happened to Adam Ryznar?

My friend and fellow unicyclist, Kurt Kettenacker, left the east side a few years ago to attend Chapman University in southern California, when, much to his surprise, Adam Ryznar lived in his dorm!

He was quite taken aback to find Adam riding a skateboard, with no unis in his possession. Evidently unicycling is only one of Adam’s many talents and hobbies.

So, after hurting his ankle while unicycling, he decided that it was getting in the way of his other sport interests and so kinda gave it up.

This was about two years ago that I heard this, so he might have taken it up again. Sad if he didn’t, he was a pioneer.

That is a pity. I’m too much of a whimp to ride the life threatening situations which you mention, but it is always good watching footage of other people doing it. I will always remember seeing Kris on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, doing the first extreme mountain Unicycling I had ever seen. Kris, maybe you should change your forum name to safe_uni instead of danger_uni.