Is KH Trials the best? or one of them?

wait, from what you guys are saying

DX crank/hub assembly is STRONGER than KH

:astonished: no way :astonished:

alot stronger

still, I mean for the weight comfort and crank leght and strenght all put together kh is the best… when you buy profiles they are heavy and you cannot get 127, DX have no replacement else then 175 and are heavy.BUT I do think koxx would be stronger the new kh cranks would be perfect for flatland street I think … but shaun has done some pretty big sets on them and he did not bend them and justin dint bend his replacement set… maybe there was a couple of bad batches…

I thought justin got his new pair, put it on his uni, then sold it.

I am pretty sure it was just a bad batch of cranks.

I also think, the people who havent bent theirs yet, is because they got the second bath, when KH upgraded to 1.8mm tubing instead of the 1.6mm being used earlier.

I cant wait to see the new cranks I have been hearing about, but for now, I am sticking with my Torkerbus (Torker but with a Nimbus II frame)