Is KH Trials the best? or one of them?

I want to buy a trials uni, and KH trials seem damn good,
but i am just curious if they aren’t too good in any way or whatever
as far as quality, weight, and price go, are they as good as their reputation is made out to be??
jsut trying to weigh up the pros and cons

only thing you have to watch out for is the cranks. they are a bit weak.

I have the KH trials and the cranks work fine for me.

i think kh trials is the best, and i think there is a new one coming out soon…

great quality, solid(for me at least), very lightweight, have a comfy saddle. other than going custom, there pretty mucht the best.

You could shell out for a bedford hard core:D

Pretty weak cranks. A lot of people have bent them.

From the Qu-Ax vs. Hoppley thread:

I was talking about the first-gen KH cranks. Trials_uni will tell you all about their bulletproofness.

That should be the new test for how much a unicycle can take. An AK47.


I think you guys are talking about the older model of cranks, that bent like butter, they were made with 1.6mm tubing, and people were bending them in two days, my friend Phil bent his in about a week.

They have been changed to 1.8mm thickness and I havent heard any problems with that batch of cranks.

The new model is supposed to be coming out with a new crankset, so that should be even stronger, when keeping its lightness.

kooooxxxxxx or profffffiiiiilllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeee

yeah since when is KH weak???


Justin bent the thick ones in 2 weeks, Kaycee bent his first thin pair, got a new pair(thicker) and almost tore the crank off. I tweaked spencers a little bit (thinner) off a 3ft drop. My freind paavo bent his brand new (thicker) ones on a 7 set.

If you get, or have kh, be really carfull, they bend easy. I wouldnt want to do more than 3-4ft drops on them.

yea but what you forget is that justin bent his on a huge stair set with a shifty I think it was ? and a bad landing

I suggest it… i suggest a kh trials uni because OVERALL they r the best stock uni…

I strongly dissagree, if you were careful with square taper hub and cranks you could do 3-4 foot drops.

Exactly, thats about how strong kh is.

haha, that doesn’t concern me:)