Is KH Blue being retired? still shows frames in blue (it’s the only option), but on UDC UK it seems you can only buy KH unis in black now.

Is the blue on the way out?

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Oh, I hope not. That blue almost feels like a trademark for KH!


I was also wondering this. The black version seemed to be periodically sold as an option in the past but it never seemed to appear on the KH website.

I personally do like the KH blue but I can see why others might want different colours. Gloss black would absolutely not be my next choice though.
People often seem to comment on the abundance of choice for M4O frame colours being a deciding factor.

I’ve just ordered a M4O. I would have preferred to buy it in blue but both my KH unicycles are blue, and it is a really nice blue, so I had to choose another colour. First world problem right? Anyhow, can’t imagine why KH moved away from their blue, it’s clearly associated with their brand and I’m sure any advertising gurus out there would be shaking their heads. I didn’t go with M4O because their colour range, but it could have been a deciding factor if choosing between a black KH and another brand.

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Maybe @rogeratunicycledotcom has some information?

Roger’s account has a non-working email address and won’t receive any notification, so I’ve sent him a message on facebook to update his account :slight_smile:


The plain silver used to be an easy to find option too. Easier than black actually. But it seems that it disappeared.

for the next time, black will be the standard for all sizes.
there are some blue frames left in the market though.

Hi David,
Kris might have given some explanation …

I will let him this opportunity. We are just doing the European distribution for Kris.

He doesn’t seem to have to wandered around for a long time, but it’s worth a try: are you here @danger_uni ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m back. :slight_smile:

Yes, new colour is black. I know that Kris has had comments made in the past that it was time for a change and people do like black… but also they ran out of that exact blue at the factory, so it pre-empted the change.

Seams to be getting mixed responses. Some people love the black others are nostalgic for the blue.

Kris @danger_uni do you need to reset your email/password?


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I think every KH unicycle I’ve ever had has been a very slightly different blue :smiley:

That sounds very familiar, almost like people’s opinions of the blue.

I’m surprised that the signature colour has been dropped though. When I think of KH, I think of KH blue. It’s on the logo, it’s on the book, it’s on the t-shirts.

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A friend of mine told me a few hours ago she would probably buy a KH27.5 because of this new black color. So you’re probably right. Could it be because she’s pretty new to the unicycle world so she can’t be nostalgic for the blue? I don’t really know, but that’s great for KH there’s new people who aren’t nostalgic :smiley:

Yes, this is the really odd thing but apparently there is only one massive batch of this colour. I can not be sure but I think the colour differences is actually the amount of sparkle they add to the colour.

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I’m just imagining a huge pot of paint that they’ve been slowly working their way through for over a decade.


I can picture that. People want something new because people feel like they’ve seen too much of the blue. And when you see a KH in black… well it’s just a unicycle, it’s no longer special.
I scratched one of mine, as we all do. One day I was in a model shop buying a toy car for my nephew and I checked the paint department. I bought a metallic blue as it seemed close to KH blue - made by Heller, a famous model supplier. I applied some to my KH and it just blended in, almost invisible. So if people are really nostalgic for blue, they could paint a black one with model paint. Might take a while. Or do some pinstripping, blue lines on a black frame could be neat.

Don’t stop at the frame, also make the Spirit cranks black please! :wink: I think they would fit much better not only to the rest of the KH muni, but also to pretty much all the other unicycle brands (except for Flansberrium).

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Concerning the color change: it’s common practice in many industries to change simple things like the color instead of doing actual improvements just to keep the product fresh :upside_down_face:


I like having polished silver cranks as there’s no surface finish to rub off. Even after a decade aside from a few scuffs some of my Moment cranks still look basically new. Same with my Spirits but they’re obviously somewhat newer.

All of the coloured cranks I’ve had in the past have lost their surface finish colour in places within a year or two from abrasion.