Is it worth the extra $$$?

I plan to buy a bigger unicycle this summer…as soon as I find a job, collect a few paychecks, and am able to afford it. I’d like to get a Coker…but I don’t think I’m ready to bring myself to spend that much money on a unicycle. I’ve been planning on a 29" with 125mm cranks. I have my 20" for trials, so i’m really just looking for something to go fast on.

Because I don’t want to spend that much money…i was looking at the Nimbus Touring SE 29":

…and I was set on it for a while, until i looked at this one:

The Pashley 29"

I haven’t really heard anything about Pashley unicycles…so I guess I’m asking is it worth the extra cash to get that one? It has a stronger rim, better tire, better pedals. I’m just skeptical because I’ve never heard anything about Pashley. Also, it’d be much better offroad if I wanted to hit some trails.

I know for that price I could afford the Radial coker, but if I’m going to buy a coker, which I will eventually, I’d prefer a nicer one.

Any advice/suggestion is GREATLY appreciated!

i wouldn’t spend the extra $$ for the pashley. the seat isn’t as good and the bearings aren’t as good. Honestly, i think the nimbus is as much as you need in a touring uni.

The nimbus, definitely, that is if you can resist getting a coker.

The Pashley doesn’t fit the Big Apple tire, which is the best 29er tire for speed.

Nimbus deffinitely, the reason you havent heard of pashley is because they were designed in the early/mid nineties and havent been changed since. I would say that every component on the nimbus is stronger, and the saddle on the pashley is unbearable.

dont get the Pashley, its over priced, out dated,has no clearance and a stupid odd ball seat tube size leaving you with no options.

okay Thanks a lot guys. You saved me nearly $150 lol.

I’m definitely getting the Nimbus then. I’ll get a coker eventually, but the 29 should do for a few years. Might as well wait and see what else comes out. I’ll probably get a set of pedals with it though, i don’t like having plastic pedals.

What kinda of abuse can the nimbus handle though? Can i take it off curbs/ride down stairs? I know i should do any drops on it.

If you are seriously considering a coker and you are willing to pay for the Pashley then I would recomend getting a radial. Its a hundred times better than the Pashley and that way if you decide later your coker isn’t good enough for you you can upgrade it. Plus a Coker is much easier to resell than a crappy overpriced 29er so if you do decide you want to restart your coker fram scratch you will have more money in your pocket to do it with.

So long story short get a coker, quit moaning about wanting a transition, in the long run the coker will be cheaper for you and better.

My mate rupet had one of the old nimbus 28s, with the really hard road tyre on it. It’s taken drops of over a foot, been down a four foot parabolic ramp, loads of stair sets etc. and is straight as a die. They’re a lot tougher than you’d think.

read carefully…i think the description says it actually comes with metal pedals…and that the pic is misleading.

Oh yea you’re right.

BMX-style pedals with removeable pins and 9/16 threads

That would mean metal I’d think. Also it only comes with the rounded frame now…but thats alright.

Idk…I really just want to go faster. I’m tired of making long commutes on a 20". It’d be a hassle to upgrade all the parts on the Radial. I think the 29" would suit what I really need for right now…and in a few years when the cash isn’t as hard to come by, I could go ahead and buy a much nicer Coker.

might be an idea to check out the torker AX 29". have heard good things.
and it’s cheap

You are definatly right about the whole upgrading parts. I’m trying to upgrade my current coker right now and looking at parts and stuff its almost the same price to just buy a new coker altogether. But still it only took a few weeks after I bought my 29er that I instantly was regretting not buying a coker. I only owned my 29er for about 4 or 5 months before I bought a coker, its one of those things that you don’t think its such a big deal at first but then its like wo, this is completely different!

But yeah the 29er is not too bad an option either.

I have a feeling I’ll do the same thing. Looking at the Radial again though, it really doesn’t look like a “great” unicycle. Is the speed difference really that significant between a 29" and a coker?

It’s funny though, since I last posted in this thread I got myself a job for this coming summer working with an electrician I had worked with a few summers back. I thought I’d be stuck with some crappy restaurant job. That means I’ll be making big bucks…and I might be able to spring for a Coker.

hey! i have some crappy restaurant job! lol. Actually it is at an amusement park, but i work in the best food stand in the park, one that can actually be considered a restaurant.

Which park? Which restaurant?

BTW I agree with the main group on this. Pashley is most noted as the original maker of a unicycle for “Muni” (their Muni model), but there haven’t been any updates since it came out around 1997. Except the upgrade to the Viscount seat! You should see what they used to use! :slight_smile:

Then again, if speed is what you’re after, I’d go straight for the 36". You’ll save money in the long run, because if/when you do get a 36", it’ll basically make the 29" useless for road riding.

lol. Well my last job was a server at a retirement home. Asuming that you are a waitor, you know what it’s like waiting on old people. Imagine ONLY waiting on old people. Wow that was a terrible job.

But with the electrician I’ll be making like 15/hr…not bad. Thanks for the input John, I’m thinking more and more about just going for the coker.

EDIT: Just out of curiosity, is the Nimbus the “way to go” as far as cokers are concerned?

Hey Chexjc as far as cokers go, i don’t think there is anything better then a Nimbus. I have 1 myself and i am very satisfied with it. I have done minor modifications to it. Such as magnesium pedals, T7 handlebar and got 110s for it too. :smiley: So yeah like i said, i am very satisfied with it and wouldn’t sell it for anything. Unless they improve the coker which to me can’t be done really. :smiley:

Thanks Hazmat!

I’m going nearly insane contemplating which to go for. Should I buy the 29" for now…or just save up and blow all my earnings on the 36" lol. I want it SOOO bad. I can’t decide. It would really only be a few weeks paychecks…but I just don’t know that i can bring myself to do it.

Go the 36", sure the 29er is cheaper but when you get it. You’ll want the next best thing which is a coker and you’ll probably be kicking yourself for it. :smiley: