Is it worth the extra money to buy Chris holm bike 29 vs the nimbus 29?

What is the difference between the 2? Is it worth the extra money to buy Chris holm bike 29 vs the nimbus 29 ? just want to ride within NYC for fun work out. Any benefit from spending the extra cash. Smoother ride?quality parts? Or would you recommend another 29er?

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If you are riding around on smooth pavement I see little advantage for the KH 29" over the Nimbus. You may want to upgrade the seat and add a handlebar (bit I have not done that on my 29".)

If you are going off-road, then the KH is superior. The rim is stronger, the frame is stronger, the cranks are stronger, but all of that is wasted riding down Broadway.


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+1 and I would add that the KH wheel is wider and offers more stability.

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Maybe you should buy a Ghary Fisher 29er…:wink:

i have a nimbus 29 and i personally love it.
i have never ridden a kh 29 but It was not within my budget with since I wanted to get the kh handlebar and brakes.
but i do have the kh trials and defintely the build quality is not better per say but it is just has better parts than 20 nimbus (as in indestructable vs. super strongg).

but for just commuting, jumping up and down a few steps and light trail runs, nimbus should be more than enough.

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On a more serious note, a lot of the Nimbus unicycles are high quality compared to most of the no-name brands around. The fact that KH is regarded as among the best does not mean that anything less is a poor choice.

Get a Nimbus and get out there riding. If you get hooked then upgrade to a KH if you feel like you want to treat yourself to something nice, but don´t expect it to transform your riding. With that said I love my KH36 :sunglasses:

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You’ll be happy with the Nimbus. I’ve got one. It’s perfect for riding around city parks and stuff.

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I personally do not have a 29" but the nimbus comes with a road-oriented tire, and I believe many people have used it for light muni, by switching out the tire for a heavier one. So if you plan on doing road and possibly light muni, then I would think it would be fine. KH unicycles seem to be built to do anything you want on them.

But keep in mind I don’t have a 29" , a nimbus, or a Kris Holm uni, so this is all just information I have gathered, no personal experience.

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