Is it worth the extra 220 some dollars for a brake on a muni?

Im looking into getting a muni, and I just wanted to ask if it is REALLY worth that much and how much you guys use it. I AM planning on doing some extreme mountain unicycling

If you’ve never used a brake before, don’t bother. You can add it in later once you are able to take better advantage of it.

Check the trading post. Bryce almost always has maguras for half the price.

We have a local used sporting goods store that always has a few sets of maggies they let go really cheap. If you look around you could probably pick up a decent set (front and rear) for $25, and then sell the extra ones for what you paid. Some people have done as well on ebay.

Does the frame have brake mounts as standard? If so, take ^these guys’^ advice and get the brake later (for cheap). If not, it might be worth buying it now, but that depends on how easy it is for you to get them brazed on at a later date and whether you can be bothered with all the associated kerfuffle.

it depends on what wheel size you are geting. 24 in is right in the middle of needing and not needing brakes (depending on what you are doing).

no. not now anyway

theres a man here by the name of Brycer1968 that will custom build your brakes and ship for around $90.

I would suggest that you don’t get the brake for a while, it would interfer with skills development for muni. Its best to get it later on once you are better/more experienced at muni.

To me it is worth the cost for the brake, as it smooths out my riding and makes it much easier to go down steep downhills. Sure a brake is not nessesary, you could have long cranks to compensate for the torque, but for me I don’t like cranks over 150mm and with the brake it is smoother than long cranks no brake than shorter cranks e.g. 150’s and a brake.

I use the brake for hills, I guess I use it on mybe 2/3 of hills, its also good to help conserve energy.

Like others have said before, if you have to ask if it’s worth it then probably not right now. When I started riding MUni 5 years ago I couldn’t understand why I’d need a brake, and for a while I got by with out one just fine. My skills finally developed to a point that I understood how a brake could really help my riding so I finally “got it.” Like others on this forum, I have several unicycles, with and without brakes. I’ll often ride the same difficult terrain (very steep trail/offroad slopes, or long downhills in high gear on my Schlumpf) without a brake and then I realize why I need it! But short term, definitely don’t bother with the added expense, just make sure your uni has the mounts for a future brake! Have fun! :slight_smile:


Thanks Tucson and Baconm13.
These guys are right. Until you get so you can ride off road pretty well, a brake isn’t really necessary for MUNI- and might just get damaged with all the wrecking. Beginners are pretty hard on equipment and even though Magura brakes are pretty durable, the levers are prone to damage from hard UPDs and you will UPD a few thousand times as you learn.

If you are ready for some brakes, PM me and I can get you set up with some sweet HS33’s in fun colors, mounts, a bleed kit or any other parts you need for a lot less than UDC.


Kind of an echo of what others have said:
If you don’t know if you’ll need one, you probably don’t need one. When you need one you’ll know. If your trails aren’t steep or don’t have looooong downhills you’re probably fine without it.

You won’t have to ask us if the time is right for a brake because you’ll know it. The brake is really for steep stuff or long downhill, which a new rider won’t see for a while, a year or so.

You really need to build your legs as a brake is not a substute for leg strength and coordiation. I had a brake on my 29er when I first started riding, I hit it accidentally on a hillclimb and landed on my face.

I removed the brake and didn’t add it back until it was time; I knew when it was time :slight_smile:

Ask Brycer, he can hook you up for a lot less than $200.