Is It Worth It?

Is unicycling really worth it? I was thinking of buying a unicycle but my friends think ill use it for a day and then get sick of it. Is it really fun or is it a thing thats fun for a little while?

How i think of it is like riding i bike you don’t have to get out and ride it everyday you just go out and ride it when you fell like it.

So i guess my question is will i enjoy it if i get a unicycle or will it get boring after a day? Also did u have the same thoughts as me when you first started then found out u loved it?

From Brendon.v

It will only be what you make of it.
The learning process is the best part, the feeling when you first ride is undescribable. I bought one on a whim and loved it, i dont think i have met anyone who has tried unicycling and then quit. It can be social (i will be over in Perth to visit fammily at chirstmas time :slight_smile: )or something you do alone. It turns heads and will draw attention to you, but it also proves a challenge and gives you something to aim towards. We all enjoy it, day after day, even enough to pull sickies from work to go for a ride. i never expected to like it this much, i jsut thought it would be something to put on my ‘nifty stuff i can do list’

i would recommend it, go for it. you will love it :slight_smile:


You will not try for just a day unless you are weak with no determination.
I took a few weeks before i really got anywhere, and am SO glad i kept at it.
Get a Uni, you will never look back… all you gotta remember is that if you keep at it you will ride it!
I would rather go for a uni than a road ride, and that really says something:D

EDIT: I dont mean that first line to sound offensive.

I would say the same,

I bought a cheep learner unicycle not sure if I was going to like it or be able to do it, that was 5 mounths ago, I have a kh 20 now and I am about to buy a muni and a freestyle uni, I have been out almost everyday and those days that I havnt been able to go out I have been wishing I could. Its been so much fun all the way and its great to go out riding with friends, I would almost suggest you buy a kh now so you save the money later because im sure you will buy one or one like it later. encorage your friends to buy a uni as well so you will have people of a close ability to ride with, it will make riding more enjoyable and probably help you to progress faster. good luck learning.

yeh ive decided to buy a torker cx 24" of ebay. Heres the link.

I think some people get it realy quickly some people take weeks or months but just stay determined and you will get it.

I always ride my uni to my village shop as its not too far. I find it alot more enjoyable to ride it despite it being a 20" and taking three times as long as it would to ride my bike.

Yes, i ride to a shopping centre and it takes an hour on my 20" but i TOTALLY LOVE the ride so it doesnt bother me the slightest:)
Once you hit the stage of riding as far as you want there is no turning back:D

I started on a 24 bit now have a 20.
Dont spend too much on a 24 coz if you are like me it wont be long before you wanna change.

Good choice. The one problem i had when learning was that i was sick of having to pedal heaps to go somewhere and it always went slowly. with a 24" you get speed, light Muni is possible, light trials is possible (i found that out this afternoon on my muni) and you can even use the CX for freestyle. Or, if all else fails, you can just ride it :slight_smile:

Take in to consideration that if you do like it you will more than likely have to upgrade to a new unicycle after a few months, unless you enjoy just general riding. There is not really an all-round unicycle so it is good to try a few different styles on you CX and see what feels best. Freestyle is probably the cheapest option and Muni is the most expensive. good luck learning, keep us posted :slight_smile:

(wow i am being so helpful :slight_smile: )

yeh well im gonna have to try buy a cx in perth or at least on coz shipping alone for it to come to perth is $150 aus so i dont think thats an option.
If you no of any cx for sale in australia plz tell me.

Check out (sorry links arn’t working for me at the moment)

try a learner uni. Or even a cheap freestyle?