Is it possible to fix a flatspot?

I noticed this evening that my wheel has a slight flat spot on it… Not huge, I don’t notice it while riding, but when I flip it over and spin the wheel I can see it. So, is this an issue, can i fix it, and should I bother, or just wait till it’s dead and get a new rim?

Do you mean your rim is not radially true (i.e not a circle anymore). Tbh, it doesn’t make any difference if it is a few mm, but anything more it’s probably best to get it radially trued, especially if you are using it for heavy stuff like trials where tension imbalances may cause the wheel to break.

Gotcha. So take it to the LBS if it develops into anything more serious.

Yeh exactly. The lbs will slacken the spokes connected to the part of the rim that is flatter.

An actual flat spot can be minimized by adjusting spoke tension but to keep the tension relatively equal and the wheel round you can disassemble your wheel and use a rim puller.

Rim pullers hold your rim on either side of the flat spot then pull it out with a big hook. Rim pullers are pretty scarce and you should ask in bike shops specializing in downhill bikes or BMX for the best chance in finding one. I know of one shop in the 6 that I frequent that has a puller.

I just kept riding my rim until I painted mine and changed it, if you dont notice it while riding I dont get why you would true it. Mine was juste awefull, it just ruined my gliding, I’m way better with a round rim.:stuck_out_tongue:

Your far better off to keep it true and the spokes tight along the way. can save problems later on. :slight_smile:

In terms of flat spots if you take your tyre off then put the rim back in your frame and balance it on the seat, put some tape across the frame almost touching the rim so when you spin it you can tell exactly where the flat spot is. then loosen those spokes. if they are already loose you’ll need to reshape the rim.

If its not a painted rim you can do this by removing the spokes in the problem area and beating it out with a rubber mallet. (otherwise you’ll need to find one of the rim pullers mentioned earlier!) then replace the spokes and retension them and re-true the wheel. comes up alot better! i did this with the purple anodized demolition rim i got from work for free as it had a flatspot.


Heh ya I noticed that the whole rim is actually a little bit off kilter… I’ll take it to the LBS and see if they can do anything, if not I’m just gonna ride it till Christmas and hopefully I’ll get a new one.