is it me or my uni????

im trying to learn some street stuff on my 20" sun that i learned to ride on (i got it for like $100) i cant do anything with my seat out i think i have too much weight out on the side, and i cant stay balenced vitically. do my cranks stick too far out from the rest of my uni? or do i just suck?

You just suck.

I can’t do Seat In Front very well either.

No, its you. Try and keep the seat close to your body to get used to it.

Yeah, I hold my seat against my knee when I do Seat In Front, makes it much easier, and you get used to not having the seat under you.

Wow you guys are incouraging.
Edit: that third one was a bit better

You just need to practice your uni doesnt matter. The more you practice the easier it will get.

You should probably just give up. Even my grandma can do that.

If you’re having troubles falling to one side, try practicing standing up (with seat in) and just holding that (without hopping). That should help you with your balance a bit.

Your grandma kicks ass!

The most important thing to remember is try to keep even weight on both pedals, if you put too much on one, you are going to fall over. Keep your knees bent!

I had the same problem with my torker lx and I wondered the same thing but one day it just clicked and I got it after a few days of practice. Don’t worry, It’ll come.

Whenever I learn something new, I have the biggest problem with falling forwards. Sometimes it takes me a while to “click” and get it right, and it can often be frustrating. It’s not that anything is wrong with my uni, it’s just that I need to become more comfortable and set my balance right. Because I fall forward, I try to do tricks with my tire feeling more forward than usual. This really helped with my seat wraps, and now i almost have super wraps down. You could try this method if you want, but I’m not sure if it will help you. Just keep practicing it, and give it some time, you’ll get it eventually.

well i tried seat in front on my 24" torker DX and it seemed alot eaisier and the cranks are alot closer to the frame, that is why i origonaly had that idea

lower Q factor(Distance between pedals!!(cranks don’t have Q factor, but they do add to the Q factor))means that it is easier to ride SIF. Utlimate wheels have almost no Q factor, so they are easier to ride w/o a seat… its the same idea for SIF

It is probably just easier on the 24" because the wheel is bigger and the faster you go the easier it is to ballance. The pedals on a 24" dx are probably farther apart than on a 20" sun, not positive about that though.

right, but they stick out farther from the frame and point of balence

It’s freaking hard to turn sideway when your sif. That’s why I always lose my balance and fall off.

try to be as light and even on the pedals as possible and hold the seat against your body, with both hands if possible. that should help alot.