Is it like riding a bike (or juggling)...

where you can learn it and then not do it for years and pick it back up quickly?

Or if you stop for years, does it take a while to get your balance and technique back just to ride 100 meters?

I had several encounters with people who didn’t ride for long time.
One guy 18 year, and an old man over 30 years.
Unicycling isn’t any different than walking, except that you now use the wheel for what your feet would do.
Therefore learning it “again” is just taking a revolution or two (or three), although it would matter how well you learned initially.

I think I didnt ride once between 2001 and 2013 and rarely between 1988 and 2001. I had no problem picking it back up either time.

I’ve gone five years without riding and been able to freemount first try and ride away. For me, the ‘balance’ was still there, but the leg strength wasn’t and it took some time before I was able to ride hills and distances.

When I started back up I had not touched a uni for 30 years and I hit my first free mount I tried. Was not pretty but I did it. I should come right back. have fun!

I have rarely met anyone that used to ride, and could not pick unicycling back up within a few minutes. For most, it’s a few tries; usually three or less.