Is it just me or...

Well i am in alot of plays and i am doing a Christmas carol with a Music/Dance company that i take dance with and they rreally like me and know how energetic i am and how i always put on a smile(or so they tell me). Well they cast me as a clown(along with some other fun parts, I get a solo.) knowing i could unicycle. I took this offensive but made no remark and didnt show any negativity towards it because i like them alot and they’re nice people. !st question is are there any good grippy charachter shoes that arent very expensive.
Also i get to have alot of freetime to prctice some freestyle while on brek. so i go into the parkinglot and ride around to the back of the building and ride the stairs and other jusnk like curb sized railing that just rolls out of the ground and has fun drops at the end(3-4 ft). I rtried some fun stuf like mounting into wheelwalks and big unispins and such. I was just doing stuff on my own that i knew i couldnt do. I had to mount alot and i noticed rolling mounts are way better than still freemounts. also i noticed that when hopping for more than five times in place that my back leg seems to dropp gradually till its at bottom and makes me un-even.
I also noticed that me and my friends all jump with our fav. foot backwards(most often). Is it just me?

I hop with my chocolate foot forward too, and I have the problem of putting too much weight on one foot when I hop with my Nilla foot forward. I think its just something that pratice fixes.

Good luck