Is it just me or is Kelly Hickman under-rated?

That’s right, the title says it all. I watched a couple of vids of Kelly the other day a noticed he was looking for sponsorship, the question I ask, is why the hell shouldn’t he? This guy is a fantastic street rider, one of the best around today and I definately think he could stand up in competition.
So this is my idea of a petition, if you like Kelly’s riding and you think he should be sponsored, voice your opinion, maybe some sponsor will see it and Kelly will be up there with the best where he belongs.


Kelly is awesome. Hes almost as good as shaun for some things(and better(if I’m not mistaken) at other tricks)

Sponsor Kelly!

I thought he already was sponsored?

I didn’t realize how good he was until I watched that one movie with the triple flip done by shaun, but kelly is really good.

I think that guy Jeff Liechti (skate4flip) is underrated:p

Butyeah, Kelly is definitly really good.

Kelly is such an amazing rider!

I think he holds some of the street records. :smiley:

I also think Jess is under-rated, mainly with what you can do with freestyle. =p


I think Kelly is, I only really started to notice him when he doubleflipped and 180 doubleflipped the sets. I really think that he is an awesome rider mostly just because when he learns a trick, he goes and does it big.


I ment to put Jeff, somehow I put two s’s instead of f’s. :o

Thats what I like about him too. =p

My thoughts exactly mike. I thought he was decent, but then I saw the IPOD vid with shaun, for me, that’s when he became a great rider. I too really like how he goes really big, sort of early shaun (macht nada), double flips down sets and big grinds, love to watch that stuff.

Anyone else gonna join the party?

Yeah, Kelly’s really good, he should be sponsored. I went unicycling with him once at the skatepark in Ill.

Did I miss the part where Kelly got rated, or rated less than some other riders?

There are no links to videos of him in this thread yet.

who is kelly hickman?

Here is the ipod vid with Shaun and Kelly.

Ever heard of a hickflip?

Kelly is way good, he learns stuff so fast…

This is Spencer by the way.

Yes, he’s very good.

Kris Holm.

It’s more about recognition than anything else John. He isn’t sponsored eventhough he is good enough to be. I know sponsorship does not make a rider, but if he wants to be, I know he could stand up against the best street riders from every sponsor e.g. Shaun, Xavier, Lucas etc. I also believe he is over looked when talking about good riders purely because he wasn’t in “Defect” or any other mainstream movie.

lol me in the same sentence as shaun n xav cheers m8 lol, its threads like these that gets sponsorship confused.
in skating its all bout ability same as with most extreme sports but for now while unicycling is still growing an relatively small. its not just about ability, its about work u can do for the sponsor, be it by promoting in that country, so eg companys mite not want more than one rider per country because it seems pointless for now any way.
Its about attitude, not sayin kelly has anything wrong with his obviously but maybe he just hasnt been introduced to the right person yet.
Its about writing the right email or making the right contact and creating the right impression.
And its about being a use to them over all, there not just doing it to give free stuff to riders, they must see a benefit in sponsoring the rider.

I agree with most and think that kelly is awesome and probably should be sponsored but there are loads of decent riders that arent, his name has gone from my head, but the guy from ill that was awesome and everyone was raving about dont think he is, is sabin arditty, those are now 2 of my favourite riders and im not sure if there are or not.

Thats my 2 pence lol

yeah, you’ve made a valid point there Luc, I s’pose at the moment sponsors can’t always afford to sponsor as many riders as they would like and you’re right, there are alot of great riders out there who aren’t sponsored Sabin to name one.
I guess, without going off topic too much, we need to improve the financial side of unicycling before we can expect sponsorship to be more open and regular. Although, saying that, in skating, it seems like there are so many sponsored riders who sometimes, in my personal opinion, don’t always deserve sponsorship. I guess a positive about the current state of unicycle sponsorship is that only good riders get sponsered eg. Shaun, Xavier and Lucas :smiley:

Keep the comments coming guys, maybe even Kelly might have a word or two to say.


oh yh lol sorry mike ha rite under my nose arnt u like the 2nd in the uk to crankflip ha ha na jokin m8 u willl get sponsored soon bmw will start makin unis n will sponsor u lol

i talk to kelly here and there. next time i do ill show him this. hes said he hates how like his vids dont get enough respect. i think hes amazing. hes doubleflipped a 5 stair.

AND jon peacock. that kid is amazing.

I doubt he will like that you said that…:stuck_out_tongue:

And, I love his videos, I don’t always tend to reply (maybe I should?) but I think he gets more respect than he thinks. I think his Hickdoubleflip down that 4 set was more impressive.

Same with Jonny, he is awesome too.